Worldwide protests against the attack on Rafah

Protest in London, England. Around 2,500 people gathered in Downing Street in a pro-Palestine demonstration. Source: The Independent.

Since last Monday, February 11, Israel has begun an air attack on the south of the Gaza Strip, after having devastated the northern and central area. This area, whose most important city, Rafah, is now the target of Israel’s indiscriminate attacks, is also where many displaced Palestinians have been forced to move after the destruction of the rest of the cities, which has left more than 28,500 dead in four months, since the beginning of the counteroffensive of the National Resistance Front of Palestine.

Since last Monday, more than 100 deaths have already been recorded due to high-intensity Israeli airstrikes. As reported, these air attacks targeted different areas of the city with warplanes and helicopters with machine guns in the border areas. Meanwhile hospitals continue to be collapsed and have little capacity due to the great destruction and the blockade of food and fuel by Israel.

In front this new attacks and the continuation of the genocide, protest has continued all over the globe in favor of Palestine and against Israeli genocide.

In Beirut, Lebanon, an organized march with the name “The Lebanon’s Flood in Support of Gaza” gathered hundreds of people in support of the Palestinian people to denounce the genocide against the people.

Demonstration in Beirut, Lebanon. Source: X

In Rabat, Morocco, on February 11, thousands of people took the streets again against the genocide in Palestine and against the normalization of the ties with the government of Israel, calling it “treason”.

“Normalization is treason” and “Stop the Genocide” were some of the slogans on the demonstration in Rabat. Source: X

In London, England, thousands of people demonstrated in Downing Street, where the Prime Ministers official residence is. In the protests, the demonstrators demanded ceasefire, encouraged by the Rafah attacks. During the protest, there was one detained because of “suspicion of inciting racial hatred over a placard”.

Protests in front of the UK Prime Minister’s official residency. Source: The Independent

In different parts of the USA, the people has gone to the streets against the genocide of Israel financed by Yankee imperialism, which until now has financed Israel with more than 14 billion dollars and has caused the death of nearly three tens of thousands of Palestinians.

In New Orleans, in the midst of the Mardi Gras holidays, the holiday was filled with protest with posters demanding the end of the genocide and a “procession for Palestine” has linked the Mardi Gras culture with Palestine when playing traditional music.

Banner demanding the liberation of Palestine. Source: The Guardian

In New York, hundreds of demonstrators has protest in Manhattan to try to block highways, bridges and tunnels to protest against the Israeli invasion of Rafah. They achieved to block the Grand Central Station in a demonstration. The action, that took the name “Flood Manhattan for Rafah” started on February 12 and ended with thirteen people arrested by the police

Demonstrators in Grand Central Station. Source: X

That same afternoon, hundreds of people demonstrated again in the streets of the city chanting slogans such as “the people united will never be defeated” and “From the river to the sea.” A message was also projected about the 14 billion in military aid that Israel has received from Yankee imperialism and a denunciation of the 67 dead, who were at that time, only in the last attack in Rafah.

Demonstration in NYC against the genocide. Source: X

Projection denouncing the US financing to the genocide. Source: X

In Berlin, Germany, new protests have broken out in the streets. About 300 people gathered at the Brandenburg Gate on February 11 to denounce the attacks on Palestine. The protesters threw fireworks at the police, and hours later they also threw stones and shouted when they tried to disperse the march. Eleven people were arrested, and 14 legal proceedings have been initiated for invitation to hatred, violation of the Law on Freedom of Assembly, attempted release of prisoners, insults, dangerous bodily harm, damage to property, resistance and physical assault against police officers, and serious violation of the rules of peace.

Protests in the German capital city against genocide. Source: Tages Spiegel.
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