Nouvelle Époque – Toulouse: Mobilization in Mirail against heating problems

We publish an unofficial translation of the article of Nouvelle Époque.

In Toulouse, on the afternoon of Wednesday February 7, residents of Grand Mirail (Reynerie, Bellefontaine, la Faourette, etc.) met on the large Place Abbal in a friendly atmosphere to continue their fight against the problems of heating. They were joined by members of the “Handi Social Ascenseurs” group, which demands the rehabilitation of elevators in working-class neighborhoods and improved accessibility in general.

A re-contextualizing speech on the situation was given by a member of the CPES, a speech applauded by those present. At the same time, Gaëtan Cognard, the “neighborhood mayor” (in reality, one of the service of Jean-Luc Moudenc, the mayor of Toulouse) wanted to organize a meeting with “the residents” of the Résidence du Lac, in a community room on the edge of Lake Reynerie. In reality, it was just going to be a quiet discussion between owners and residents on security issues which would allow the real problems to be put aside (this building was also affected by heating problems).

The gathering marched to the room in question, and the owners were surprised and made very uncomfortable. They first tried to prevent the residents from returning, but faced with the number (a little more than 30 people) and their determination, they had no other choice but to let them return.

After more than 20 minutes, Gaëtan Cognard arrived at the meeting late, and furthermore told us that he had “a train to catch” and that he could not stay long. Such contempt!

For around thirty minutes, the mobilized residents tried to obtain a position from him on the heating problems but also on the questions of elevators and the demolitions of buildings. Like a good opportunist, he chattered without taking a position, saying that he was going to organize a “discussion”. Unfortunately for him, people don’t want words but actions. He was also asked several times what he had put in place since his years in management to counter recurring heating problems, to which he was unable to answer.

In the end, the residents did not have an answer to their questions and demands, and decided to leave the place with determination, deciding to move up a gear. They promised the elected Macronist that there would be more and more of them, before leaving with their heads held high. Watch the video of the confrontation of the opportunist by the residents:

We also publish more photos sent to us of other actions made in Toulouse:

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