News from the Armed Struggle in Ireland

We publish the War News section from the An Phoblacht Abú newspaper that we have received.

“Ireland unfree shall never be at peace” -PH PEARSE

Since the beginning of 2024, armed actions against the British Occupation and partition of Ireland have continued. As the report below shows, armed actions by Republican armies have taken place in all 6 British Occupied Countries since the beginning of January, demonstrating that despite censorship the fight for freedom is very much alive.

Monday January 1 – The media reports that a viable explosive device was left in the Drumgullion Avenue are of Newry. The occupation of our country was highlighted on the first day of the year as the alert brought armed British soldiers onto the streets of Occupied Ireland. The RUC stated the device was taken away for further examination.

Saturday January 6 – Republican Youth in Derry City confront and throw fireworks at the RUC in support of 3 pro Palestinian activists who scaled a crane and unfolded a large Palestinian National Flag. 3 pro Palestinian activists are subsequently arrested and charged by RUC.

Monday January 8 – Media in Derry report that an improvised explosive device was located by the British Army following reports of a suspicious device in the Ballymagroarty area of the city. The device was taken away for forensic examination.

Tuesday January 9 – Kevin Conway, a drug dealer, was shot dead in West Belfast. The mainstream media has reported that this was an operation carried out by Republicans, but no group has yet made a claim.

Friday January 19 – Reports state that a number of armed men stating they are from the Republican Movement toured a number of bars in Dungiven, South Derry reading a statement against drug dealers in the area and warning them to cease activities. A number of people have been arrested and charged with these incidents. There are also media report that similar action took place in Belfast in recent weeks.

Friday January 19 – A security alert in Coalisland County Tyrone during which the British Army located a viable explosive device which they state that they took away for further examinations.

Monday January 29 – Security alert in Newtownbutler County Fermanagh responded to by the British Army who carried out a controlled explosion on what they described as a viable device.

Tuesday January 30 – Security alert in Derry responded to by the British Army. Video showed armed British terrorists on the streets exactly 54 years after Bloody Sunday, operating under the armed protection of the RUC.

Wednesday January 31 – The media reports that a viable device exploded in Armagh overnight resulting in a British Army operation in the area. The RUC state that they are also investigating and explosion in the same are on Friday Jan 26.

February 7 – The media published a video that shows a Republican military group holding a volley of shots for Republican ex-Prisoner Sean McKinley from the Divis area of Belfast. The media state that 2 of the armed Republicans in the video are brandishing 3D printed guns, beside a photo of Sean McKinley before a 3rd Republican steps forward and fires a volley of shots. The media further states that the volley was fired by Oglaigh na h-Éireann also known as ONH, a group currently on ceasefire.

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