Turkey: Call for solidarity with Ecevit Piroğlu

We publish an unofficial translation of the article published on Avrupa Haber Merkezi.

Ecevit Piroğlu has started a hunger strike again to protest the unlawful attitude of the Serbian state.

Ecevit Piroğlu, who was arrested in Serbia on June 1, 2022, went on a hunger strike that lasted 136 days last year,due to Turkey’s extradition request, and the extradition decision was stopped with great international solidarity.

Piroğlu, who was released on January 12, 2024, was arrested again by the Serbian immigration police waiting in front of the prison, and taken to another prison-like extradition camp.

Ecevit Piroğlu, who did not accept these unlawful practices, started a hunger strike once again for his freedom. A press conference is being held by the ” Freedom for Ecevit Piroğlu Initiative” to condemn the unlawfulness of the Serbian state, to raise revolutionary solidarity with Ecevit Piroğlu, who has been detained in Serbia for 32 months, and make the people conscious of it.

All sensitive groups and the press were invited to the press conference to be held today at 14:00 at the Cologne AVEG-KON office.

Date: Monday , February 19, 2024 Time: 14:00

Address: Homarstraße 64, 51107 Cologne

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