News on the attack on Palestine and solidarity actions

Feature image: demonstration in Saint-Etienne, France. Source: Nouvelle Époque

As we already mentioned in our previous article, Egypt continues the construction of a concentration camp for Palestinians near the Rafah border. Already 3 km of concrete walls have been built, and another 16 square kilometers of land have been cleared to continue the work. For the moment Egypt still denies that it is a camp for displaced Palestinians, and claims that it is a “logistics center” for aid.

Meanwhile, so-called “human rights” associations continue to accuse Israel of blocking the entry of humanitarian aid into Gaza. Although in the International Court of Justice trial, one of the clear orders was that Israel should allow humanitarian aid to enter, it has even prevented the entry of up to 30% more humanitarian aid, according to the UN office.

Meanwhile, Netanyahu continues to threaten with the “final solution” to attack Rafah with even more power, in order to achieve “total victory” over Hamas. With the death toll close to 30,000 only from direct Israeli attacks in the Gaza-Strip, with two-thirds of the city’s hospitals out of operation, and the rest at rock bottom, and a population with increasingly severe signs of starvation, Netanyahu continues his threats to wipe out Hamas. However, as the media reports, there has only been one senior leader killed by Israeli forces in Beirut, by a drone, and US officials claim that 80% of the tunnels used by the Palestinian National Resistance Front remain intact. Proving that Israel’s war is not against Hamas, but against the people in resistance.

Meanwhile, the solidarity actions continue worldwide:

In Sanaa, the capital of Yemen, there has been a large demonstration with thousands of people. In a note from the march, it was said: “We call on the Arab and Islamic nations and freedom-seeking peoples of the world to take immediate action to stop the Zionist regime’s attack on Rafah, which is taking place with the full support of the West and the United States”. It also added that most countries and governments, “are not just bystanders, some of them even cooperate with the Israeli enemy and secretly support the genocidal acts of the Zionist regime.”

Demonstration with thousand people in Sanaa, Yemen. Source: ABNA24

Also in Jordan, thousands of people again demonstrated in front of the US embassy in Amman in solidarity with the Palestinian people and to condemn US support for the Israeli attack.

Demonstration with thousand people in Jordan. Source: ABNA24

In Ghana, demonstrations have been repeated in front of the UN office in Accra under slogans such as “Free Palestine”, “Support for Palestinians is not anti-Semitic”, “Save the human rights of Palestinians” and “You don’t have to be a Muslim to support Palestine!”.

Demonstration in front of UN office in Ghana. Source: ABNA24

In Mexico, there have also been solidarity marches, where hundreds of Mexicans attended one held in Mexico City.

Demonstration in Mexico City against the genocide in Palestine. Source: ABNA24

A Nova Democracia have translated a text from Palestine Chronicle where they analyze the consequences of the State of Israel in case of “total war” with Lebanon, reaching the conclusion that it would mean for the Zionist army serious consequences due to the military capacity of the anti-imperialist movement of Hezbollah.

In South Korea, protesters have taken to the streets of Seoul to demonstrate against genocide.

Demonstration in South Korea, Source: ABNA24

In Germany, there have been different events and mobilizations all over the country.

In Bremen, as reported by Dem Volke Dienen, “about 45 people (Germans, Palestinians, Syrians, Turks and Eastern Europeans) gathered in Bremen for the Red League event on the heroic struggle of the Palestinian people”. The event focused on the 75 years of struggle of the Palestinian people against the Israeli invader, with the two intifadas and the current struggle waged by the Palestinian National Resistance Front and the need for armed struggle.

Also in Nuremberg, on February 24, people gathered in a large demonstration demanding a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip.

Demonstration in Nuremberg, Germany, for a ceasefire in Gaza. Source: Press TV

On the 24th of February several winners of the Berlin film festival made statements condemning the State of Israel for committing genocide and massacring the Palestinian population. German officials have announced that this will be investigated and several German officials have made statements against this, including the Chancellor, Olaf Scholz, who said that such stances should not be allowed.

In Saint-Etienne, France, Committee 42 for Palestine held a march on February 3 in support of the Resistance of the People of Palestine. Now, they have made a video that we strongly advise you to watch:

Demonstration in Saint-Etienne, France. Source: Nouvelle Époque

Nouvelle Époque also summarizes the activities of the Ligue de la Jeunesse Révolutionnaire (LJR), where they highlight the actions for the Palestinian people. It also expresses solidarity with the six people arrested for an action in support of Palestine, where activists painted the Palestinian flag on the steps of a street in Sainte Marie des Terreaux and were detained for 100 hours.

Similarly in Ireland, where repression targeted activists in solidarity with the Palestinian people and Anti-Imperialist Action Ireland (AIA), who were detained. AIA has published several actions in solidarity with these detainees, demanding their immediate release.

Rally in front of Irishtown Garda Station demanding the release of the detainees.

Action demanding the release of the detainees in support of the Palestinian people. Source: AIA in X

In Galiza, Spanish State, Galiza Vermelha has put up dazibaos for the national liberation struggles of Palestine and other peoples and the Protracted People’s Wars.

In Barcelona, Spanish State, a demonstration of about 4,500 people, according to the police, has gone through the city demanding an end to the genocide and the cessation of the arms deal with Israel. They have also displayed bundles wrapped in white sheets with red paint to simulate those killed by Israel’s genocide against the Palestinian people.

Video of demonstration in Barcelona, Spanish State. Source: X

All over the Spanish State, the people demand the government to stop selling arms to Israel. However, the government of Pedro Sánchez, faithful follower of NATO and the interests of Yankee imperialism, tries to wash its image by saying that he “doubts that Israel is respecting international law” while it continues to supply arms to the Israeli State to continue the genocide.

Demonstration in Madrid demanding the cessation of arms sales to Israel. 5,000 people participated under slogans such as “Israel murders, Europe sponsors”. Source:

In Italy, repression continues against those who show solidarity with the Palestinian people. An article in Per la Democrazia Popolare, denounces the repression in demonstrations in Florence, Catania and Pisa, where police charged demonstrators, including underage students.

Video showing the repression of the demonstration in Pisa, Italy. Source; Reptv

Video showing repression of demonstration in Florence, including underage students. Source: Reptv

However, this has not stopped the people from continuing to come out. In Milan 20,000 people took to the streets on February 24 against the genocide in Gaza. One of the police officers suffered minor injuries when he was hit in the head by a stone.

In London, UK, Tower Bridge was closed because of a massive pro-Palestinian demonstration. It is also added that 80,000 people sent mails to the Prime Minister demanding a ceasefire debate, and another 3,000 demonstrated in front of the Prime Minister’s office.

Tower Bridge cut off by massive pro-Palestinian demonstration. Source: Metro

An active duty soldier in the US Air Force, is reported to have killed himself by setting his body on fire in front of the Israeli Embassy in Washington, USA, saying “I will not participate in genocide anymore”.

A graffiti in support of Palestine and against the support of the Portuguese government to Israel appeared on the Foreign Ministry building in Lisbon, Portugal.

“Israel Kills, Portugal Supports”. Source: euronews

Also in the Czech Republic, there has been a demonstration with more than 1,000 people in the capital, Prague.

Demonstration in the Czech Republic. Source: ABNA24
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