Turkey – Torture of prisoners while being transferred: hands and feet bound

Hereby we publish an unofficial translation of the article published in Yeni Demokrasi.

It is reported that four prisoners were transferred from Denizli to Samsun blindfolded and with their hands and feet bound and tortured en route.

4 prisoners of T-type prison in Denizli were transferred to S-type high security prison in Samsun on 22 February. It is stated that 4 prisoners were tortured during the transference.

Halil Muratoğlu’s sister, Ayşegül Muratoğlu, stated that her brother and other prisoners were tortured during their transference.

Ayşegül Muratoğlu recounted what happened after a phone call with her brother and explained that the detainees were subjected to physical and psychological violence along the way.

Muratoğlu stated that his brother felt severe pain in his ribs and abdomen as a result of the violence he was subjected to and demanded that those responsible be held accountable.

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