Some actions for the 8th of March in the Nordic Countries

We are heading for 8th of March, International Working Women’s Day, and around the globe the forces of the class and the peoples are mobilizing, as in the Nordic Countries.

In Copenhagen, Denmark, on several walls in proletarian neighborhoods, slogans such as

“To the streets on 8th of March!” and “Against imperialism and patriarchy!” were painted.

Posters for 8th of March have been put up in the center of Kristiansand, Norway. On it you can read the slogans: Down with the imperialist war and the increased prices! For a class-line in the women’s movement! Support the Palestinian resistance! Free Palestine! Down with Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine! Fight violence against women!

The Finish website Punalippu (Red Flag) has published a poster for traditional International Working Women’s Day march in the center of Tampere, on which you can receive information via the demonstrations Facebook-site.

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