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Featured image: Banner with the slogans “Long live the Heroic Palestinian Resistance Struggle!” and “It is right to rebel” at demonstration in support of the Palestinian people, Aalborg, Denmark, 2nd of March. Source: Socialistisk Revolution

The State of Israel continues to develop its genocide against the Palestinian people, with the latest death toll in Gaza of at least 31.052 people, in addition to more than 72.043 injured and more that 8.000 missing. In the West Bank at least 421 people have been killed, and more than 4.600 have been injured. According to the UN, 360,000 residential units, more than half of the homes in Gaza, have been damaged or destroyed. 132 water wells are damaged or destroyed and only 11 out of 35 hospitals are partially functioning.

Every hour 15 people are killed, including 6 children, 35 people are injured, and 12 buildings are destroyed.

The State of Israel and imperialism continue with their claims of sexual violence being committed by fighters of the National Resistance, with a UN report claiming there are “reasonable grounds” to believe the claims are true. However, the UN team who made the report said they were not able to meet any victims of sexual violence. Israel rejects investigations of the many accusations of sexual violence committed by themselves.

The State of Israel continues exchanging fire with Hezbollah along the Israel-Lebanon border. Hezbollah has reported to have achieved a direct hit against a mechanized Israeli military force at the Birkat Risha outpost in northern Israel with a missile strike today at 12:05.

New actions of solidarity with the Palestinian people and the National Resistance Front of Palestine.

In the Red Sea, a British cargo ship sank after being hit by Ansar Allah (the ‘Houthies’). Ansar Allah, who governs the capital of Yemen as well as most of its populated territory, have targeted ships linked to Israel as well as Yankee and British imperialism, in support of the Palestinian people who are facing genocide. The campaign has forced many ships to take the much longer route around Africa.

In Brazil the Revolutionary Front for the Defense of the Rights of the People (FRDDP – Brasil) continues developing its powerful campaign under the slogan “Palestine Resists, Palestine will Triumph”.

“Palestine Resists, Palestine will Triumph”, FRDDP – Brasil, Ananindeua, Pará, Brazil. Source: Servir ao Povo
“Palestine Resists, Palestine will Triumph”, FRDDP – Brasil, Barra Mansa, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Source: Servir ao Povo
“Palestine Resists, Palestine will Triumph”, FRDDP – Brasil, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Source: Servir ao Povo

On the 29th of February in the Federal State of Minas Gerais, Brazil, hundreds of people protested in front of the headquarters of the Brazilian press monopoly Rede Globo, denouncing its pro-Zionist coverage. The protest was called for by the Minas Gerais Committee for Solidarity with the Palestinian People. The protest also expressed their outrage over the more than 100 Palestinians who were executed while waiting for aid.

On the 2nd of March in the city of Fortaleza, Ceará, Brazil, the Ceará Front to Support the Palestinian Resistance carried out agitation “in memory of the more than 112 murdered in the flour massacre, for the end of Zionism and the murderous State of Israel and in defense of the Palestinian people and of the Palestinian National Resistance”. Part of the masses spontaneously showed support with slogans such as “Long live free Palestine”. Also here the press monopolies, who portrayed the massacre as “confusion”, were denounced.

On the 2nd of March in Denmark, many demonstrations took place across the country, under the main slogan “All of Denmark on the streets for Palestine”. In the demonstration in Aalborg, The Anti-Imperialist Collective made a speech condemning Israel’s genocide in Gaza, expressed its full and unconditional support to the Palestinian people who are fighting for liberation with arms in hand, and condemned the attack on Yemen by Yankee and Danish imperialism.

Banner with the slogans “Long live the Heroic Palestinian Resistance Struggle!” and “It is right to rebel”. Source: Socialistisk Revolution

In Toulouse, France, Palestine Support Committee 31, which the LJR participated in, have carried out an action for the boycott of Carrefour, a French retail monopoly which has had branches in Israel since 2022.

On the 3rd of March pro-Palestine and revolutionary demonstrators protested against the inauguration of Finland’s new president Alexander Stubb. An article in Punalippu denounced how bourgeois media ignored the protest to create a fictitious image of popular consensus. In videos by the bourgeois media continuous shouting of “Slaughterer!” is clearly heard in the background, while the media either ignored it, or made claims such as that people were shouting to congratulate the new president. It is even shown in the videos that the new president is discussing the protests with the out-going president, and even pointing at the protest.

Finish politician Otto Meri was outraged by the “Maoist Palestinian tricksters”. Source: X
Finish President Stubb points out the protesters to out-going president Niinistö. Screenshot from HS-IS video
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