Spanish State: on the current government and prostitution

Hereby we publish a summarization of an article published in the newspaper from the Spanish State, Servir al Pueblo.

In the Spanish State, ahead of the 8th of March, the “progressive” government launches all its propaganda machinery to show that it “fights” for women’s liberation, especially for the most oppressed women. The alleged work done by the Government against prostitution plays a fundamental role. Therefore, in the days before the International Working Women’s Day, “the National Police and Civil Guard carry out raids against brothels to release sex slaves who were forced to prostitute themselves. Thus, ‘the most progressive government in history’, which manages the interests of the imperialist bourgeois State like any other government, cleans its image a few days before 8th of March to show off its work and make more press releases.” [All the translations from now on are unofficial and done by us].

Of course, the PSOE’s Government (Spanish Socialist Workers Party, the main Party of the Government of the Spanish State) knows perfectly well the existence of brothels, and also the repressive forces knows this. They are not unaware of the existence of trafficking networks either. But the existence of brothels is allowed. The newspaper Servir al Pueblo explains the main reasons of this: “First, because it is a powerful business from which they take directly and indirectly money through bribes and clientele networks. There are not few cases of corruption of bourgeois politicians related to pimps and prostitution houses. Second, because they do not care at all about the liberation of proletarian women, even less if they are foreigners.” This last reason has to do with the fact that the main type of profile of enslaved woman in prostitution networks is Colombian, as the newspaper itself also analyzed in a previous article. In fact, in this article we summarize, most cases of police raids that are mentioned, the released prostitutes are Colombian.

It is also denounced how the bourgeois State performs not only in an “opportune” way on the dates close to 8th of March, but also in a limited way, while the government that is considered abolitionist, allows a part of prostitution under the bourgeois idea of individual “freedom” that some sex slaves would have to exercise prostitution. Facing this, the newspaper mentions that “all prostitution is forced, and individual freedom does not exist when there is hunger and economic misery.” Finally, the newspaper indicates that the operations and raids in brothels only act on a small part of them, while there are many more brothels that are not considered such a thing, but actually are brothels covered under the law of the Spanish State and of the current government, these places being “bars, pubs or discos where prostituted women ‘are free to beraped.’ Therefore, de facto, we call these sites legal brothels.”

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