Mexico: Everything ready for the proletarian 8th of March in Oaxaca

We publish an unofficial translation of a statement of the People’s Women’s Movement (MFP) of Mexico.

Not understanding women’s oppression as linked to the wider exploitative socio-economic and political structure, to imperialism, they have sought solutions within the imperialist system itself. These solutions have at best benefited a section of middle class women but left the vast mass of oppressed and exploited women far from liberation. The struggle for women’s liberation cannot be successful in isolation from the struggle to overthrow the imperialist system itself.

Anuradha Gandhi

Year after year the women of the working class raise and defend the 8th of March as a proletarian date, remembering its origin and meaning. The 8th of March is the international day of the working woman, and the women of the people are called to take the streets and squares with the red flags of our class.

According to this, the democratic teachers of Section XXII of the SNTE-CNTE prepares a class-conscious march that will go from the monument to the mother towards the Oaxaca square to conclude with a rally and a political forum. These activities are really important because they help to develop the two-line struggle within the women’s movement between the proletarian current and the bourgeois and petty- bourgeois currents of the many multicolored, postmodern and reactionary feminisms.

We will be present there to raise, defend and apply proletarian feminism, which can be summarized as follows: “a true people’s women’s movement cannot be constituted and developed except from the position of the working class, from Marxism, and as part of the people’s movement on whose liberation the emancipation of women depends.”

Working woman, student woman, woman of the people march in the ranks of the People’s Women’s Movement! March in the ranks of the New Democratic Revolution!

Proletarian feminism destroys the patriarchy!

Unleash the fury of the woman as a powerful force for the revolution!

People’s Women’s Movement-Mx

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