More actions and mobilizations for the 8th of March

Featured image: Red block in the 8th of March demonstration in Albacete, Spanish State. Source: Servir al Pueblo.

We publish more reports on mobilizations and actions done for the International Working Women’s Day. We have already reported on it yesterday.

In NORTH AMERICA have been held several actions for the 8th of March.

In Charlotte, USA, an event has been held for celebrating the 8th of March, by the Charlotte Revolutionary Study Group.

In Austin, Texas, also in the US, a banner has been hung up for the 8th of March.

Banner with the message “Long Live International Working Women’s Day”. Source: a reader.

In ASIA there are more reports on combative marches done by the masses.

In Turkey, Yeni Demokrasi reported on the development of demonstrations and actions in Istanbul, Izmir, Antalya, Eskişehir, Diyarbakır, Hakkari, Mersin and Hatay., as we mentioned already yesterday.

In Istanbul, thousands of women joined the “Feminist Night March”, and denounced the more than 300 women killed in 2023.

In Ankara thousands of women enthusiastically marched, including YDK, carrying banners with slogans such as “Life and Freedom for women! “End to oppression and reaction!” And “8th of March is red and will remain red!”.

The YDK also participated in Izmir along with hundreds of women which frequently shouted combative slogans such as “Solidarity continues, the struggle grows!”, and “The working women are not alone!”.

In Antalya there was a banner that said “We are destroying poverty, war, sexist violence, reaction, discrimination, homophobia and the exploitation system with our rebellion.”

The march in Eskişehir shouted slogans such as “We will not be slaves of the family or capital!”, and stood in solidarity with the women affected by the earthquakes of the 6th of February and with the Palestinian women.

In Diyarbakir, banners supported the struggle of Baluchi, Afghan, Iraqi and Pakistani women. Additionally the protesters greeted the women in prison.

In Mersin, the war that affects women and violence suffered in Palestine, Israel, Libya, Syria and Ukraine was denounced.

In Hatay’s march a statement was read denouncing the conditions suffered by the people in the city after a year of the earthquake and the problems there that have not been solved.

In Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, women took the streets:

Women protesting in Baku. Source: Aziz Karimov/Reuters

Also in Tokyo, the capital of Japan, there has been a women’s march.

Women’s march in Tokyo. Source: Franck Robichon/EPA

En Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, a women’s demonstration was held.

Demonstration for the 8th of March in Bishkek. Source: Vladimir Voronin/AP

There have also been reports on actions in AFRICA.

In the East of the Democratic Republic of Congo and in Rwanda, in numerous refugee camps, women have lead mobilizations claiming for their rights and demanding the end of the genocide of the Tutsi, Hema and Banyamulenge peoples.

In Kenya women have protested against the increasing of femicides that is currently occurring in the country.

Women protesting in Kenya. Source: James Wakibia/SOPA

In several countries in EUROPE there are more reports of mobilizations and activities for the 8th of March.

In France more activities have been reported in Paris, Lille, Caen, Toulouse and Lyon.

In Paris, Cause du Peuple, Jeunes révolutionnaires (JR), Ligue de la jeunesse révolutionnaire (LJR), Fédération syndicale étudiante (FSE) and the Unitary Campaign for the Liberation of Georges Abdallah marched together in the 8th of March parade. Cause du Peuple, the LJR and the JR held a joint speech at the event. Activist carried portraits of heroines of the proletariat: Clara Zetkin, Danielle Casanova, Chiang Ching and Comrade Norah.

In Lille, the FSE took part in the 8th of March demonstration with a banner for proletarian feminism as well as a banner in honor of Martha Desrumaux, a leader and combatant from the region, who was the first woman member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of France.

In Caen, revolutionary activists paid tribute to the heroines of the proletariat together with the Palestine Hérouville Committee, with the slogans “Woman of the people, defend your class!” and “Long live revolutionary March 8!”.

In Toulouse, the LJR took part in an anti-imperialist 8th of March demonstration in support of Palestinian Women.

In Lyon, the People’s Women’s Committee (CPF) had a meeting at the University of Lyon 2, on work in the neighborhoods and the anti-imperialist struggle in the struggle of the women of the people. The activists then took part in the anti-imperialist 8th of March demonstration with the LJR and the La Fosse aux Lyons collective.

Meeting by the CPF at the University of Lyon 2 on the 8th of March, Lyon, France. Source: Cause du Peuple
Anti-imperialist and anti-Zionist 8th of March demonstration in Lyon, France. Source: Cause du Peuple

In Finland there are reports of 8th of March demonstrations in Helsinki and Tampere.

In Helsinki, more than 100 people gathered for a demonstration with the main slogan “Overthrow the anti-women government!”. A banner with the slogans “Down with imperialism!”, “Down with Patriarchy!” and “Proletarian Feminism for Communism!” can be seen in pictures from the demonstration.

In Tampere, the Women’s Day demonstration marched under the main slogans “Down with the Government!” and “Forward towards a revolutionary women’s movement!”. Solidarity with Palestine was also shown with signs and shouting slogans.

In the Spanish State there are reports of a mobilization in Albacete as well as actions in Madrid and Elche.

In Albacete, thousands of people gathered for the 8th of March demonstration. A contingent of revolutionaries marched under the flags of the International Communist League (ICL) in Spanish and Arabic, and with the image of Comrade Norah. They distributed hundreds of leaflets calling for the politicization, organization and mobilization of proletarian women, and sold the newspaper Servir al Pueblo.

In Madrid, graffiti has been made for proletarian feminism.

In Elche, graffiti and sticker actions have been done for proletarian feminism.

In Norway there are reports of activities on the 8th of March in Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim and Kristiansand.

In Oslo, the day began with a demonstration on the main square of the central-east of Oslo. Slogans and speeches condemned patriarchy and violence against women, and raised support for the Palestinian Resistance. The demonstration marched to another square were the main 8th of March demonstration started. At least around 6.000 people is reported to have participated in the demonstration. A small group of Zionists had also gathered there, planing to use the day to carry out a propaganda campaign to legitimize Israel’s genocide and delegitimize the solidarity movement for Palestine. This was not accepted by many of the participants, who stayed behind to successfully prevent the Zionists from joining the march.

In Bergen, Kampkomiteen participated together with hundreds of people in the Palestine section of the 8th of March demonstration. After this event, several anti-imperialist organizations gathered for a rally under the slogans “Combat violence against women!” and “Support the resistance struggle of the Palestinian women!”.

In Trondheim, activists of Kampkomiteen and the Somali Welfare Association gathered at the city’s main pedestrian street, with banners with the slogans “Combat violence against women!” and “Support the Palestinian Resistance – Free Palestine!”. Speeches were held and leaflets were distributed. The activists then went to the main square and joined the Women’s Day march. During the march slogans were shouted for Palestine, against imperialism and patriarchy, against the US, Russia and Israel and for combating violence against women.

In Kristiansand, Kampkomiteen participated in organizing an event with speeches on international solidarity, liberation struggle and women’s struggle, the situation for women in Gaza, and violence against women. After the event activists mobilized for a weekly demonstration against violence against women, which was held outside of the local police station. After the demonstration Kampkomiteen participated in the Women’s Day march under the slogan “Free Palestine”.

On the 9th of March, in Kristiansand, there was a celebration by the Eritrean Women’s Association, honoring women who have fought for liberation.

Celebration by the Eritrean Women’s Association, honoring women who have fought for liberation, 9th of March, Kristiansand, Norway. Source: Kampkomiteen
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