Mexico: Progress on the Boycott against the Electoral Farce

We publish this unofficial translation of a report from Mexico. In this report, more information is also provided on one action done on the day of struggle on 4th of March, on which we have published earlier.

Meanwhile ruin, unemployment, dispossession, looting, drought, paramilitarism, criminal violence, militarization, murders, femicides, disappearances, etc. continue. The big bourgeoisie is at its peak with its electoral campaigns where more than 60,451 million pesos are wasted, which could well be invested in public services, education and health for the masses.

The elections in Mexico are among the most expensive in the world and it is evident that the needs of the people are not a priority for the old State of landowners and big bourgeoisie despite the story of political alternation in this country where governments have already paraded from the PRI, PAN and now Morena.

Once again, none of the coalitions or parties of the big bourgeoisie, none of its representatives (without distinction of gender) has the capacity or interest to solve the problems that afflict poor people. Neither Claudia, nor Xóchitl, nor Jorge are an alternative to anything!

Furthermore, elections in our country have the characteristic of being particularly violent, since the different bourgeois factions usually compete not only at the polls but also with weapons. This is clear with the current data: since the beginning of the pre-campaigns last November until March 6 of this year, there have already been 23 homicides of different politicians, 13 of them aspiring to some position and 10 more who served as public servants or political operators. It is clear that the figure will not stop there and the closer the fatal date of June 2 gets closer, we will undoubtedly know more about this. It is the same as always, the bourgeois electoral farce in Mexico drips blood in each of its episodes.

The people know this, which is why they once again challenge bourgeois legality by embracing the call for a boycott against the electoral farce.

Here we share some of the first actions carried out by the people in different places in the country.


On February 21, a group of people threw stones and Molotov cocktails at the facilities of the Institute of Elections and Citizen Participation in Chiapas (IEPC). The fire managed to consume part of the electoral stationery and furniture inside the building. The action prompted the response of firefighters, state police and the national guard who immediately arrived to extinguish the flames.


On March 4, during a mobilization where around a thousand people participated, the masses removed electoral propaganda from various parties by holding a stop-rally in front of the PRI state offices. In that place, graffiti was made calling for a boycott and the removed propaganda was deposited, setting it on fire amidst multiple slogans such as “Elections are not the solution, the solution is the revolution!” and “Don’t vote, don’t vote, prepare to fight!” among other.

Right there in Oaxaca, more than 20 agrarian communities that were affected by a forest fire and the inaction of state and federal authorities, promoted a protecting lawsuit against the Mexican State and agreed not to allow the installation of polling stations or the entry of political parties or candidates for different locations.

Mexico City

Within the framework of the sit-in held by the fathers and mothers of the 43 together with other democratic organizations, the comrades of the Federation of Socialist Peasant Students of Mexico (FECSM) have accompanied the actions by increasing their combativity. On March 6, the normalistas [a movement of rural teachers and teacher students] took a CFE van and after a struggle with the City police and the military police they managed to knock down part of the side door of the National Palace. The FECSM continues to increase actions towards the electoral process considering that next September 26 will mark 10 years since the forced disappearance of their colleagues. The normalista movement is the spearhead in the call for a boycott against the bourgeois electoral farce.

While the contradiction between the popular masses and the old State deepens, the trend is the sharpening of the class struggle in the perspective of the New Democratic Revolution, breaking with the regime’s lies and its false democracy.

These initial actions will surely find an echo in other latitudes of the national landscape, reinforcing the path that various peoples have already started in the perspective of the liberation of territories and the exercise of embryos of New Power, that is: self-determination, self-government and self-defense.

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