Several actions by Partizan in Europe

We hereby publish a summation of different reports on actions by Partizan in Europe on the occasion of Newroz and the 18th of March.

Avrupa Haber reports that this year’s Newroz celebration in Switzerland was celebrated with great enthusiasm in Lucerne on March 17. Partizan also attended the celebration with the spirit of rebellion of the Newroz fire lit by Blacksmith Kawa against the cruel Dehaq.

The message presented by Partizan Switzerland said: “Blacksmith Kawa’s rebellion against Dehaq is the acknowledging of all the enslaving chains. Blacksmith Kawa’s rebellion against the cruel Dehaq is not only an assertion of righteousness, but also an expression of historical consciousness that represents the truth. What gave the spirit of Newroz, which is a part of the thousands of years of history of the struggle between the oppressor and the oppressed, and its symbol, the fire, was just and correct by the oppressed against the oppressors. […] However, today it has been proven once again that the unjust and cruel cannot achieve their goal against the just. […] It is vital to turn squares, streets and all areas into battlefields against fascism and to create stronger organizations. The fascist dictatorship acts armed from head to toe with the apparatus of force. The struggle with force against force, with weapons against weapons, is essential. The spirit of Newroz is the armed organized rebellion of the people. Newroz Pîroz Be! Long live the Fire of Newroz Rebellion!“

It was also reported that on March 18, International Prisoners’ Day, at Nuremberg Jamnitzerplatz a rally was held, organized by Rote Hilfe (Red Aid). At the event the oppression and isolation policies implemented in prisons against communist, revolutionary and anti-fascist prisoners were condemned. For political prisoners, revolutionaries who have been imprisoned for many years in countries such as France, Germany, Greece, Turkey, India, America and many other countries were supported and messages of solidarity were sent to revolutionary and communist prisoners who continued their resistance.

Also Dr. Banu Büyükavcı was present at the event, her message was read. “Revolutionary struggle is legitimate everywhere! We will continue our struggle under all conditions and geography!” After the message, the audience shouted “Long live international solidarity!” with applause.

A German version of the declaration published by the ICL (International Communist League) was distributed during the action. In addition to local German revolutionary organizations, immigrant democratic revolutionary organizations from Turkey and Kurdistan, Partisan Nuremberg activists also participated in the action.

A rally was also held in Vienna, Austria, on March 18, as Yeni Demokrasi reports. In the action organized by revolutionary, democratic organizations in Vienna, speeches were held among others by Partisan. In the speeches made, attention was drawn to the problems of political prisoners, it was emphasized that the need to be the voice of revolutionary-communist prisoners outside by increasing solidarity. Slogans such as “Freedom for Political Prisoners, Long Live International Solidarity” were shouted.

Also in Brussels, Belgium a protest was held in front of the Hungarian consulate on the 18th of March to protest implementing of pressure and isolation on communist, revolutionary and anti-fascist prisoners. Messages of solidarity were conveyed to political prisoners who still continue their resistance in many countries.

We received the following report:

“Banners with the slogan “Let us defend the rights of communist and revolutionary prisoners for the revolution” were hung up by the International Communist League (ICL) in Zurich, Basel and Bern in Switzerland, Liège in Belgium, Linz in Austria and Nuremberg in Germany.”

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