More actions for the Solidarity Day with the Political Prisoners and Newroz

Featured image: TKP/ML-banner in Frankfurt; source: Avrupa Haber

The actions for the Solidarity Day with Political Prisoners, celebrated on 18th of March to denounce the repression and the attacks that the revolutionary and communist prisoners suffer and to increase the solidarity with those who continue the struggle inside the prisons around the world.

In Finland, several actions were done all over the country:

In Tampere, a wall graffiti appeared with the slogan “Freedom for all the political prisoners!”

In Helsinki, the capital city of Finland, a wall graffiti also appeared with the same slogan.

“Freedom for all the political prisoners!”. Source: Punalippu

Following the statement launched by the International Communist League, where it is written “We must mobilize to support the legitimate struggle and resistance of the prisoners, to fight against any kind of aggression against the prisoners, to be the voice of the prisoners outside, we must support their struggle under the conditions of imprisonment as part of the class struggle outside.” The newspaper Rote Fahne has shown its solidarity publishing banners for the liberation of the political prisoners.

“Freedom to all political prisoners” is written in the banner. Source: Rote Fahne

Also the case of Georges Ibrahim Abdallah, imprisoned in France since 40 years for struggling for the national liberation of Palestine, was underscored.

“Freedom to George Ibrahim Abdallah!”. Source: Rote Fahne

On March 21, an event took place in Hamburg, Germany, on the occasion of the Day of the Political Prisoners and the anniversary of the Commune of Paris. People invited by the Hamburg Palestinian Alliance attended.

The event began with the song “The woman in the commune” followed by the context of March 18, marked by the anniversary of the Commune of Paris. Following this the interview with Professor Saibaba, who was recently released, was highlighted. The political prisoners in Turkey and Kurdistan and the torture methods used against them, then were shown and spoken about.

The persecution of Daniela Klette, accused of terrorism in Germany, and how solidarity samples have also been harshly repressed, were also highlighted. Once again, the need to show support for Palestine was discussed.

In Trondheim, Norway, a dazibao with the text “Long Live Maoism! Defend the political prisoners!” was hung up, near the Lærkendal Stadium, in the city center of Trondheim.

Dazibao in Trondheim, Norway. Source: Tjen Folket

We highlight the continuation of Newroz celebrations, on which we have already written before.

In Strasbourg, France, Partizan participated in a march with torches. During the march, slogans as “Long live the guerrilla resistance” or “Long live the Newroz” were sang.

In Zurich, Switzerland, the march was held on March 20, which began with a minute of silence for the martyrs in Helvetiaplatz.

In Biel, Switzerland, also a march was held.

In Frankfurt, Germany, on March 23 a massive rally gathered tens of thousands of people celebrating Newroz. In it, speeches were made and in it a call was made for the commemoration of Ibrahim Kaypakkaya, founder of the TKP/ML, on May 18 and 19 in Innsbruck.

Banner in Frankfurt for the celebration of the Newroz. Source: Avrupa Haber

During the celebration of Newroz in Ankara, Turkey, the police targeted Partizan, prohibiting their flags and wanting to confiscate them at the checkpoints. The reason was that plastic sticks could be used as “weapons” and that is why they were prohibited. However, this did not prevent the Partizan’s flags waving at the festival.

Newroz celebration in Ankara. Source: Yeni demokrasi

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