Mexico City: Actions for Dr. Sernas García

Hereby we publish an unofficial translation of an article published in Solrojistas Mexico.

Our comrades from Mexico City have carried out some actions demanding the presentation alive of Dr. Ernesto Sernas García, who has been missing since the 10th of May of 2018 in San Agustín de las Juntas, Oaxaca.

From the 30th of August of 2018, Corriente del Pueblo Sol Rojo [Current of the People Red Sun] has launched an international campaign, of a permanent character, until our comrade is found alive.

In this way #DrSernasPresentaciónConVida travels through streets, communities and cities, jumping from Mexico to other countries.

Next May will mark 6 years of the forced disappearance of Dr. Sernas, and our democratic organization will be carrying out actions at different points, with the class solidarity and proletarian internationalism of other voices in Mexico and the rest of the world joining our voice:

Ernesto Sernas García, presentation alive!

Because they took him alive, we want him alive!


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