Ireland: Commemoration of the Easter Rising

We publish this unofficial translation of an article of Tjen Folket Media.

On Sunday, the 31st of March, Tjen Folket Media was present at a commemoration of the 1916 Easter Rising, where the Irish people rose up against British occupation and proclaimed the Irish Republic.

The commemoration started when Anti Imperialist Action, Glasgow Republican Flute Band (GRFB) and several organizations and activists lined up with GRFB at the front, followed by banners and flags from several organizations. Several Palestinian and Basque flags were also carried.

The demonstration went in procession to Glasnevin Cemetery where there is a monument in memory of all those who have fallen in the struggle for a free Ireland. The procession was greeted with positive cheers and slogans by spectators and passers-by. At the monument, speeches were made and music was performed by the Glasgow Republican Flute Band. Songs were also performed.

A revolutionary activist told us about the importance of the commemoration and the 1916 Easter Rising:

“The commemoration is for the 1916 Easter Rising and for all those who have died for Irish freedom. 1916 is an important date in Irish history, when the socialists led by James Connolly together with the republicans of the Irish Republican Brotherhood and the Irish Volunteers fought against imperialism and for internationalism. This is a moment that the Irish people and the working class will never forget. They will hold on to this great moment where the Irish socialists and republicans fought against the imperialists and held on to power for a week.

So we see it as crucial not only to commemorate their sacrifice and martyrdom, but also to carry on the revolutionary struggle and tradition.

James Connolly, who commanded the forces in Dublin, also directed the rebellion against the First World War and international imperialism. With the hope that the struggle in Ireland would start the spark for revolutions all over the world, and we saw that over the next two years revolutions took place in Germany and Russia.”

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