Mexico: The Senate approves the entry of gringo troops into national territory

We publish an unofficial translation of the article of Mural Periódico.

In the midst of a greater sharpening of inter-bourgeois contradictions due to the electoral process on June 2, and following the tone of the reactionary war against the people, the Senate of the republic with a Morenaist majority has just approved a project that will allow the entry of US military troops with weapons, ammunition and “specialized” tactical equipment to national territory, reversing the jingoistic discourse that has been so repeated by the self-proclaimed “fourth transformation.”

Just after AMLO ranted declaring that “Mexico is no one’s colony” due to the statements of Republican politicians from the United States, now the Senate of the Republic gives the American imperialist army the freedom to openly undermine our sovereignty by following the military intervention plans against our country.

The justification is the so-called “Joint Combined Exercise Training (JCET)” program that will be carried out from April 8 to May 17 at the National Training Center of the Mexican army located in Santa Gertrudis, Chihuahua. According to Morena’s senators, this interventionist process is now “made public and transparent,” indicating that during the PRI and PAN governments it was already done in a veiled manner.

The issue in reality is that, with this project ordered by the head of the Federal Executive, Mexico confirms its role as a semi-colony of Yankee imperialism, and it is precisely the opportunist government of Morena that, after legalizing the militarization of the country, now it agrees to start the gringo military intervention.

Never as at this moment it has been so important to reject the electoral farce of the big bourgeoisie because all the parties, all the coalitions and all the candidates represent the continuity of the war against the people and the risk of a new Yankee intervention against our country. In front of this scenario, it is necessary to ask ourselves: What would Insurgent General Vicente Guerrero think of all this?

We keep his legacy. The Fatherland comes first!

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