Demonstration against New Secondary Education in Recife, Brazil

Feature image: Student protest against the NEM in Recife gathered 50 students in the Treze de Maio Park and went towards the Princess Palace. Source: AND

The newspaper A Nova Democracia (AND) of Brazil reported on a demonstration against the New Secondary Education (NEM) reform in Brazil. This demonstration, which took place on April 9, gathered 50 students who denounced the reform together with the participation of a representative of the National Executive of Pedagogy Students (ExNEPe).

The NEM is a reform that, as AND already denounced in another article, is a reform of secondary education that serves interests of the the imperialists, big bourgeoisie and big landlords through the creation of a common national curricular base suitable for the “Quality control” of the World Bank.

Throughout the action, Military Police vehicles and a CTTU (Traffic Guard) motorcycle surrounded the protesters and, realizing that it was impossible to stop the students who made the action on the street, were forced to cut the traffic so that the action went through several points in the city center. The students also faced an attempt at demobilization by political movements of the false left, including the youth of the PCdoB.

The preparation was very big, 15,000 leaflets were distributed, it was discussed with students as well as parents and teachers, who showed their support, and previous political formations were made regarding the NEM. As a result, the Independent Committee for the Struggle Against the New Secondary Education – Recife was formed and all students were called for the National Mobilization Day for the repeal of the new Secondary School.

In contrast to other political forces and parties, which have chosen the path of the “adjustment of the NEM” or have avoided mobilizing, these independent students have shown the right path of popular mobilization, protests, formations and strikes.

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