Brazil: NEW MFP WEBPAGE and an article on the rapist Daniel Alves

We are happy to be able to spread the news about the new web page of People’s Women’s Movement of Brazil. In it, they continue the hard work of combat by propaganda Patriarchy, imperialism, bureaucratic capitalism, and also they uphold proletarian internationalism.

You can already find multiple articles, such as on important revolutionary women for the class struggle in the country or articles denouncing imperialism and its wars against the oppressed peoples of the world.

From the Red Herald cheer this development by publishing an unofficial translation of one of these articles, on Daniel Alves, former football player who has been convicted for rape in the Spanish State this month.

The article was published on 23rd of March 2024, therefore does not includes the last developments on this case: currently Daniel Alves is free after paying a bail.

Daniel Alves case: how much is rape worth?

Daniel Alves, now a former football player, was sentenced to four years and six months by the Spanish justice for raping a young woman in a nightclub in Barcelona. The prison time (much less, for example, than what Brazilian legislation provides) was mitigated by the convict paying a fine of 900.000 Reais [around 170.000 US-Dollar, translators note], paid, apparently, by his “partner” Neymar. In addition to the reduced sentence, Daniel Alves is trying to obtain an early release from prison, until the end of April, by paying a type of “deposit”. In other words, it is a kind of strange “rape insurance”.

Then, how much is rape worth? This, on the one hand, exposes the hypocritical character of bourgeois ideology, which sees human relations as nothing more than mere commodities to be traded like any other (what the so-called “social networks” do other than the commodification, precisely, of that what is most human about us?), and, in the case of women, as objects of consumption – which can, like any object, be priced.

Can we then say that the victim’s physical and psychological trauma is worth 900.000 Reais? How, essentially, does this differ from, say, Afghan tribal justice, condemned as barbaric by the “West”, because it is common to “compensate” families of murdered women with goats and pieces of land by the homicidal husband?

Furthermore, with this compensation in exchange for the penalty, any vague idea of equal “justice” for all also falls to the ground: for the same barbaric crime of rape (in the case of Daniel Alves, the process brought to light incontrovertible evidence), a millionaire will not respond like a poor man. Here, it is true what is true anywhere in capitalist society: for the bourgeoisie, crime has always paid off.

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