Yankee imperialism withdrawing its troops from Niger

Featured image: Protesters demanding the US to leave their country, Niamey, Niger, 13th of September. Source: AFP.

Yesterday it was announced that the US is withdrawing its more than 1.000 troops from Niger, in what is described as a major strategical setback for the US in the Sahel region. Last month the government of Niger suspended is military agreement with the Yankees and announced that it wanted the Yankees and other imperialist troops to withdraw from the country.

After the military carried out a coup in Niger in July of 2023, French imperialism was the first who has to withdraw their troops, which they completed in December. It is expected that remaining troops of other imperialists will also withdraw following the announcement of the Yankees.

The withdrawal will mean the closure of a major US air base in the country. The base, called Base 201, was opened in 2018, and costed 110 million US-Dollar to construct. Most of the Yankee troops in the country are concentrated in this base, which was mainly used for drones as well as manned surveillance flights.

According to British media the move is a “strategic victory” for Russian imperialism which is gaining ground in the Sahel region. At least it does indicate changes in the international balance of powers, wherein the Yankees status as the sole hegemonic superpower continues to crumble. While the government of Niger says it does not want any foreign troops stationed in the country, it’s is reported that Russian imperialism has recently sent military equipment and military advisers.

It is also reported that on the 13th of April thousands of people took to the streets in Niamey, the capital of Niger, to demand the withdrawal of Yankee troops. The demonstrator chanted slogans such as “Down with American imperialism!” and “The people’s liberation is on the march!”. While there is reported on a few Russian flags in the demonstration, Canadian media reports that some of the forces which have protested against Yankee military presences, and previously against French military presences, also are against the establishment of Russian military bases.

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