More mobilization actions for the 1st of May

Featured image: Partizan has mobilized for the 1st of May in Esenyurt, Istanbul. Source: Yeni Demokrasi

Mobilization actions for the 1st of May continue.

Partizan has put up posters, painted slogans and distributed flyers in Esenyurt, a district with one of the highest amount of workers in Istanbul, Turkey.

In addition, the 1st of May Taksim platform, which organizes the 1st of May demonstration on Taksim square in Istanbul, has published a statement criticizing the attitude of the DİSK union, which after rejecting to unite with the revolutionary and democratic organizations forming the platform, has chosen to organize a demonstration in Taksim alone and through “lobbying activities” with the government office, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the CHP.

In Athens, Greece, TKP/ML and KKE(ml) have made a joint call for a demonstration on the 26th of April at the Kaisariani square to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the Kaisariani massacre, in which 200 communists gave their lives in struggle against the Nazi occupation on the 1st of May.

Poster mobilizing for the demonstration at Kaisariani square, Athens. Source: Yeni Demokrasi

The Action for the Democratic Rights of the People from Austria has issued a call for the 1st of May under the slogans “Unite against the warmongers! Defend the neutrality, democratic rights and social rights!”. They call to defend the democratic rights against the increasing attacks of the ruling class, to stand on the side of the struggling peoples and the oppressed against the warmongers and to reject the “struggle against the right” promoted by the opportunists as part of their electoral struggle and call to struggle for revolution.

In Helsinki and the surrounding region in Finland hundreds of posters, stickers and flyers have been distributed under the main slogan “Towards a revolutionary 1st of May!”. In addition, slogans “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free!” and “The 1st of May is red and international!” have been raised in the flyer to combat racism spread by the reaction to split the working class, and “Forwards to revolutionary struggle against the government!” against the capitulationism and reformism of the yellow unions.

Poster with the slogan “Long live the armed struggle of the national resistance of the people of Palestine!” Source: Punalippu

Flyers being distributed in Tikkurila, Vantaa. Source: Punalippu

In Norway, Kampkomiteen has issued a call under the slogans “1st of May against imperialist war and inflation – for a free Palestine!” In the call, the genocide committed by Israel against the people of Palestine is denounced and support is expressed to the heroic Palestinian armed resistance. The statement calls to oppose imperialist wars and taking out the crisis on the working people and for the proletariat and the oppressed of all countries to unite and take the streets on the 1st of May.

In Trondheim, posters mobilizing for an anti-imperialist demonstration with the slogans “Out on the streets on 1st of May! Workers and the oppressed of all countries, unite! Support the Palestinian resistance struggle! Free Palestine!” have been put up.

In Oslo, posters mobilizing for a demonstration have been put up. Kampkomiteen reports that the posters have received warm welcome from many passer-bys who also have wanted to take with them some posters.

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