Mexico: Weekly Newsletter

We publish this unofficial translation of an extract regarding Mexico from the weekly newsletter of Sol Rojista.

While the old State and its three candidates quicken their pace in the middle of their electoral circus with their so-called “presidential debates” signing anything and filling the streets of the entire country with garbage, the deepest ranks of the people struggle to reorganize their forces from different references at the national level where more and more is heard talk about the BOYCOTT AGAINST THE ELECTORAL FARCE . The National Coordination of Education Workers (CNTE) carried out a first 24-hour national strike on April 15, announcing that these strikes will escalate to 48 and 72 hours until reaching a general strike in the case of not obtaining a response to their demands such as the repeal of the educational reform of EPN-AMLO, as well as the USICAMM that affects the right to retirement and pension for education workers, in addition to the freedom of political prisoners. In that sense, the CNTE called for another edition of the Meeting of the Resistance which took place this April 21 at the headquarters of Section XIV in the State of Guerrero where topics such as the 1st of May, the boycott against the electoral farce and the problems of the unity of the motion have been addressed. May 1 is now closer and it is expected that the proletariat and the workers take over the main cities throughout the country; the great task is to continue unifying the working and masses of the people around the call Don’t vote, organize and struggle!

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