Hereby we publish an unofficial translation of an article published in Sol Rojo Mexico.

… “Sing, sing comrade, let your voice be a shot/

with the people’s hands there won’t be disarmed song”

Alí Primera

Last Monday 22nd of April our comrade Luis Enrique López López passed away after an exhausting battle against leukemia which took his life.

Luis Enrique was part of the Current of the People Red Sun, and at his young age of 32 years had outstanding merits.

Being just a student of remote secondary school, he joined the organized struggle of his native community, Cerro Grande, San Francisco Ixhuatán. A small rural town of long SolRojista tradition. Along with his family he joined a payment strike against the high prices of the CFE [Translator’s note: Federal Commission of Electricity – Comisión Federal de Electricidad] and he supported the resistance struggle against the imposition of the mining mega-project Cerro Grande II.

Luis joined the ranks of the poor peasants and fishermen who were struggling under the command of Luis Armando Fuentes Aquino, dear Commander Gato. There, he learned to combat with discipline participating in vigorous actions and mobilizing the masses against the latifundium and paramilitarism in the East Area of the Isthmus.

Following Luis Armando, the dear comrade Luis Enrique participated in the struggle against the imposition of the wind mega-project of Mareña Renovables, supporting the peoples of San Dionisio del Mar and Álvaro Obregón for the defense of Barra Santa Teresa and the lagoon area. An exemplary struggle which ended with the triumph of the Ikoots and Binniza´ peoples, defeating Spanish imperialism.

After some years Luis asked for permission from his family to continue studying and went to the City of Oaxaca where he joined the People’s Student Movement [Translator’s note: Movimiento Estudiantil Popular (MEP-Mx)] joining the Fine Arts faculty. Luis was passionate about the people’s art and music; he collaborated with some cultural projects making stencils and printmaking, making protest paintings for the city. He participated in youth camps presenting cultural contributions, always singing and smiling.

As many other young revolutionaries, he took a stance for Maoism in the moment of the rupture with Hoxhaist revisionism and its affiliation towards elections, and he joined the ranks as popular combatant in the seizures of lands being active in the communitarian self-defense applying lessons of Comandante Gato.

Luis was part of the sea of masses which establish the Francisco Villa community, and was forerunner in the construction of the People’s Youth Brigades (BJP) in this place.

Luis Enrique was a political prisoner during the six-year term of Peña Nieto, accused of terrorism and carrying explosives of reserved use for the Mexican army. He was captive in the federal jails of Tepic, Nayarit and Mengolí, Oaxaca; also in the state jail of Etla, Oaxaca.

Comrade Luis Enrique wholeheartedly served the people, and when the Isthmus communities were affected by the 2017 earthquake, he was part of the rescue brigades which attended to support there under the leadership of Javier López Martínez, the outstanding Comandante Rojo. Luis did not hesitate in the work and the efforts made in this duty.

He made his last participation at the days of the 9th, 10th and 11th of June of 2023 in the National Encounter of Collectives for New Democracy, which headquarters were the Francisco Villa community. Along with his music, comrades brightened the event by playing protest cumbias, and energetically and joyfully called to “keep the struggle against the tyrants and to do not forgive anything for those who betray revolution”.

Luis’ life was marked by his organization from the beginning until the end. He was born in the SolRojista community in the Tehuantepec Isthmus and he passed away in another SolRojista community in the Central Valleys.

His comrades let him go with honors in both communities. A red flag and the love from the masses joined him in his last travel to the Isthmus, where he was buried along his mother.

Today his name is written in the honor wall of the heroes of the people, erected as a martyrs of the proletarian revolution.



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