Mexico – Weekly Newsletter

We publish an unofficial translation of an extract of an article of Sol Rojo México.

The electoral circus of the big bourgeoisie continues its way, but at what cost! In addition to it is highlighted in a caricaturesque way in the recent presidential debate between the corrupt (Xóchitl Gálvez), the narco-candidate (Claudia Sheinbaum) and the ignored one (Jorge Máynez) that the violence around the campaigns is more than overflowed. Since 27th April, the organization Electoral Laboratory confirmed the murder of 60 people linked to the electoral process (candidates, pre-candidates and leaders of parties) – 7 women and 53 men. On top of that is the news that this weekend more than 200 candidates of all electoral parties in Zacatecas have renounced their aspiration in the INE due to the violence midst the elections. While this happens, the democratic-revolutionary movement makes its best efforts. This weekend the VI Ordinary National Congress of the National Coordinator of Educational Workers (CNTE) took place and has agreed, among other things, to reaffirm the independent character among electoral parties and different government levels, and the most important: unleash the national teacher’s strike from the 15th May, two weeks before the elections. In the midst of these important points, the boycott against the electoral bourgeois farce is being spread by the most diverse organizational and struggle efforts among the masses. The next days such as the 1st of May in the Mexico City and all over the country serves to build up the launching of the strike and its unification with other struggles of the poorest masses, shouting the chants Stop the war against the people! And Don’t vote, organize and struggle! Now the reformists and – electoralists, of the yellow kind – revisionists they crouch among the ranks of the movement with the speech of “identifying our agreements” to try to be unknown to finally attack and traffic with the just struggles of the people. We will not allow it! What the opportunistic gang looks to do is to undermine this great effort to a quick, superficial and guildist strike; however they will crash with the force of the bases that are supported by the democratic and revolutionary forces, they know to elevate the struggles in the streets and in the assembly discussion to the national teachers’ strike that will launch on the 15th may and will last until 2nd of June, guaranteeing the fulfillment of the demands of the democratic teachers and other mobilized sectors, fulfilling with the bourgeois electoral farce. Long live the combative unity of the people! Launch the national teachers’ and people’s strike! Boycott to the electoral farce!

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