Worldwide actions in solidarity with Palestine

Featured image: Demonstration in front of the Israeli embassy in Amman, Jordan. Source: AhlulBayt News Agency (ANBA24).

The State of Israel, supported by imperialists, mainly Yankee imperialism, continues applying its genocidal policies against the people of Palestine. Refugees camps in Nuseirat and Jabalia have recently been attacked, as well as the city of Rafah, where one million and half of Palestinians are sheltered. The death toll has already reached 34,596 murdered people, and there are also 77,816 injured and more than 8,000 disappeared. In the West Bank, the Israeli attacks have also continued, and the death toll has reached 491 murdered people, and there are also more than 4,800 injured.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has recently stated that since the 7th October there have been 443 attacks on the enclave’s healthcare facilities or medical workers, which killed a total of 723 people and injured 924. These attacks damaged or destroyed 101 healthcare facilities and 106 ambulances.

The Palestinian resistance continues its struggle and carry out military operations in Gaza against the Israeli occupiers. Al-Qassam Brigades have carried out several actions: reportedly, two Israeli officers have been killed in battles against the Palestinian resistance at the Central Gaza Strip, and several other soldiers have been seriously injured as a result of this operation. Also there has been another action in which three Israeli soldiers were reportedly killed and another eleven were injured. Moreover, Al-Quds Brigades reported on their recent bombardments against Sderot and settlements surrounding the Gaza Strip.

In the West Bank the people of Palestine is not only confronting with the State of Israel, but also the so-called “Palestinian Authority” (PA) which serves the interests of imperialism and directly attacks the Palestinian Resistance. Recently the murder of Ahmed Abu al-Foul, member of the Brigade Tulkarem, by AP’s security forces, has been reported.

There have also been actions in the West Bank. In Nablus, students held a rally in solidarity with Gaza.

Since last time we reported on it, there have been a lot of actions in many countries. Here we report on some of them.

Hezbollah has carried out a series of attacks on Israeli targets close to the border with Lebanon. One recent attack was carried out with drones and guided missiles against the military headquarters of Manara and against the position of the 51st Battalion, which belongs to the Golani Brigade.

Ansar Allah (the so-called Houthies) has targeted many ships last week: several Yankee ships at the Gulf of Aden, as well as an Israeli ship in the Indian Ocean, the ‘MSC VERACRUZ’. During last weekend and the beginning of this week, several ships have been targeted: this Monday two Yankee destroyers were attacked with several drones. Also other ships were attacked such as the ‘Cyclades’, with Malta-flagged ship but linked with British imperialism, and the Israeli ‘MSC Orion’ which was navigating in the Indian Ocean. The imperialists have admitted that at least the ‘Cyclades’ was damaged.

In Amman, Jordan, this Tuesday a demonstration was held which gathered thousands of people in front of the Israeli embassy.

Demonstration in front of the Israeli embassy in Amman, Jordan. Source: AhlulBayt News Agency (ANBA24).

A solidarity movement with Palestine is emerging at the university campuses all over the world, and the students are carrying out encampments and mobilizations.

Map with campuses where there are mobilizations for Palestine. Source: Al Jazeera

The number of protests is growing specially in the US, where more and more students protest against the genocide perpetrated by the State of Israel and imperialism against the people of Palestine. There is a great resistance and combativeness by the students, specially at the Columbia and California Los Angeles (UCLA) universities. At the UCLA the students are facing the police and also Zionist aggressors which are attacking the pro-Palestinian encampment.

Students and pro-Palestinian demonstrators occupy the square at the New York University campus. Source: David Dee Delgado/Reuters

Struggle against Zionist aggressors at the UCLA:

The Yankee imperialist State is arresting hundreds of students all over the country as a result of these mobilizations. But this is only fueling the rebellion, with more and more protests in universities.

Arrests of US students. Source: Map, AJLabs; information: Associated Press, Al Jazeera

In London, hundreds of thousands of people gathered in a march in solidarity with Palestine.

Huge demonstration in London. Source: Adams/ Reuters

Kampkomiteen has carried out several actions in solidarity with the Palestinian resistance in Norway. In Oslo has been held the weekly demonstration for Palestine, under the slogan “Stop the prosecution of Palestinian activists by the PST” (Norwegian intelligence service).

In Kristiansand many posters have been put up calling to join the 1st of May and in support to the Palestinian resistance.

Posters in which it can be read “Support the Palestinian resistance!”, and “Free Palestine!”. Source: Kampkomiteen

In France students are massively joining the solidarity with the people of Palestine and solidarity with those who are repressed for supporting Palestine. At the Sorbonne University in Paris, students are gathering to make a encampment in solidarity with Palestine.

Also in Paris, students have occupied the building of the Paris Institute for Political Studies (Sciences Po), and afterwards they have blocked the entrance.

Barricade blocking the entrance to Sciences Po. Source: Dimitar Dilkoff/ AFP

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