We publish an unofficial translation of the article of Front for the Defense of the Struggles of the People in Ecuador.

A clear demarcation line must be established between the leadership of the union movement and its common members. The 1st of May march expresses the state of class mood; their levels of organization and platform of struggle.

We are not going to put a blindfold on our eyes, the union leadership in the country is old, backwards, revisionist, opportunistic and traitorous; still they gallop into the masses to lead them along the bureaucratic path. But we have expectations and we are optimistic, a new union movement is organized, grows and shows its determination to be a strong and firm ideological instrument that allows us to advance in revolutionary tasks.

If we do not fight revisionism and opportunism, we will have done nothing! There cannot be construction without destruction; there is no room for the generation of new union and people’s organizations if we do not destroy the old electoral unionism along the way. We must crush the bureaucrats, the ones who traffic with the organizations and struggles of the class and the people.

There are three fundamental premises that must be observed and applied by the new current of the unions in the country; being anti-electoral, anti-imperialist and serving consciously the fundamental tasks to unleash the new democratic revolution, always, at the service of the World Proletarian Revolution; outside of these tasks, there will be nothing new under the sun.

As the FDLP-EC we salute the rural and urban workers who marched and demonstrated through the streets of the country; nevertheless; those mobilizations are not called to measure forces with the fascist regime of the big landowner of Noboa; No, they are called to generate class consciousness to strengthen our organizations in the face of the historical responsibility that the proletariat has being the most oppressed, exported and, at the same time, most advanced class of the society.



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