Mexico: Mobilizations and teachers’ strike against the election farce

We publish an article of Dem Volke Dienen.

In Mexico, the electoral farce of the big bourgeoisie continues. Against this, a powerful and broad electoral boycott campaign continues to unfold under the leadership of the revolutionaries. We already reported in mid-March that violence was on the rise as a means of conflict between the various factions of the bureaucratic bourgeoisie, the comprador bourgeoisie and the big landowners, and that a total of 23 politicians had been murdered since November 6.

Official figures from election observers now conclude that 60 people linked to the electoral farce of the old Mexican state have been killed. In addition, more than 200 people have so far withdrawn their candidacy due to the violence. This is one of many symptoms and expressions of the fundamental crisis in which the ruling classes in Mexico find themselves, unable to resolve their contradictions with each other in the context of demo-liberal elections.

As previously reported, an election boycott campaign is unfolding, which has now been joined by the National Coordinating Committee of Education Workers. They recently held their sixth national congress at which it was decided that the education workers would maintain their independence from the electoral parties and hold a nationwide teachers’ strike on May 15, two weeks before the elections. The democratic and revolutionary news site “Sol Rojista” reports that the 1st of May, as an international day of struggle of the working class, will be used to link the upcoming strike even more to the struggle against militarization and the war against the people and against the elections by holding up the slogan “Don’t vote, organize and struggle!”. The news site goes on to report that this is happening in the midst of a struggle against the opportunists and revisionists who are currently trying to unite the popular movement on unprincipled “common ground” in order to steer it in the direction of the elections of the old Mexican state and limit the teachers’ strike to a purely trade union struggle.

That the revisionists and opportunists have failed in their plan for the moment can be seen, among other things, in the wonderful pictures of May 1st in Mexico, where the flag of the International Communist League was seen in a natural way side by side with the democratic people’s organizations, which are advancing the election boycott. We look forward to May 15 as the starting point of the teachers’ strike for their demands and against the electoral and will report on it as soon as news becomes available.

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