News update on the situation in Chile

Feature image: Rally from San Antonio camp in Cartagena, Chile in support of ‘Toma 17 de Mayo’. Source: El Pueblo

The ‘toma’ and encampment San Antonio in Cartagena has published a video in support of the ‘Toma 17 de Mayo’ due to the repression and eviction we publish yesterday. They greet the ‘Toma 17 de Mayo’ and announced they made a rally during the morning. Also, the newspaper El Pueblo has announced that on Wednesday there will be mobilizations in all the territories to support the affected residents.

In Frankfurt, Germany, a rally was held in front of the Chilean consulate by Red League to denounce the eviction of the ‘Toma 17 de Mayo’ and show unwavering international solidarity. A speech was held, leaflets spread and discussions were done with passers-by.

Banner reads: “Stop the evictions in Chile!”

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