INDIA: actions for the Naxalbari uprising and for the elections boycott campaign in Delhi

Hereby we publish a text and pictures we have received.

Today, slogans commemorating the naxalbari uprising and urging people to boycott the Lok Sabha elections were seen in the Delhi University area.

Naxalbari uprising which happened in 1967 was a militant uprising of landless poor peasants, which seized land from the landlords and redistributed it to the poor and landless peasantry in a village named Naxalbari. 25th May this year marks the 57th anniversary of this event that forever changed Indian politics and still continues to shape it today. Naxalbari broke away from the revisionist leadership of the CPI and CPI(M) to put forward the politics of armed struggle for the seizure of political power which is fundamental in marxism. It put forward the program of a new democratic revolution with the fundamental task of giving the ownership of land to the ones who cultivate it— the poor and landless peasantry. New democratic revolution is the path of revolution in semi-feudal countries, as put forward first by the communist party of China under the leadership of Mao Zedong.

One of the most significant contributions of Naxalbari is the assertion that the Indian parliament is not a democratic institution, as the basic tasks of democratization had never been completed in India. The Indian parliamentary system was not won through a mass struggle against feudalism or feudal remnants but was imposed from above by the imperialists and their servile comprador bureaucratic bourgeois Indian ruling classes, and hence no real change will ever come through such an institution for the Indian masses. It is very important to remember and uphold Naxalbari especially in the time when we are facing the monstrous Brahmanical hindutva fascist enemies. Brahmanical hindutva fascism, propped up by the imperialists, Indian compradors and landlords to handle the growing crisis in the Imperialist camp and the rising tide of democratic resistance against feudal exploitation and corporate loot by imperialists and compradors, cannot be defeated through the road of parliament and participation in elections. We must remember the politics of naxalbari and its clarion call for the people of this country to participate in the new democratic revolution and make it successful.

Under the fascist offensive we must remember Mao Zedong’s thesis that the three magic weapons for making a revolution successful are- the communist party, the people’s army and the united front. United front in Marxism is a broad joint forum of multiple classes on the basis of a minimum common programme. In a country like India which is moving towards a democratic revolution, the scope for such a unity is very strong. The unity can be achieved on the basis of anything from a democratic transformation of society to a revolutionary goal. Today the country is a boiling cauldron as more and more social forces are coming into the arena of direct confrontation of the Brahmanical hindutva fascist Indian State- the naxalites, the democratic organisations opposed to the state’s war on people for corporate loot, the various national liberation movements in Kashmir, Manipur, Assam, Nagaland, farmers, Dalit masses, Muslim masses, etc. The time has come to create such a broad united front and defeat this offensive of Brahmanical hindutva fascism.

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