Turkey: detention of the imprisoned Partizans continues

Yeni Demokrasi reports that at the hearing held today, it was decided to continue the detention of 8 people, 4 of whom are Partizan readers – Nihat Konak, Aysel Kaya, Ünal Yiğit and Cem Karakuş -, who have been held captive for 13 months. At the decision hearing held at the 30th High Criminal Court, additional time was given for defenses due to file consolidation. The decision hearing was postponed to July 5.

Captive Partisans Nihat Konak, Aysel Kaya, Ünal Yiğit and Cem Karakuş defended once again today. While all 13 people tried in the file, except the confessor, are being sentenced for “membership in an organization”, punishment is also being sought against 3 people on various allegations.

Ünal Yiğit took his place on the defendant’s stand first to make his defense. In addition to the abstract allegations against him, Yiğit responded to the allegations that he was “caught in a secret compartment” in the police reports, which were also reflected in the bourgeois-feudal media. Yiğit’s and his lawyer’s request for discovery in the so-called “secret compartment” was rejected by the court panel. The request for the materials found in his home to be examined by an expert was also rejected by the court panel. Yiğit also pointed out that witnesses who could prove that the confessor’s statements were lies should not be brought to court and said that punishment could not be based on the abstract statements of a single person. Yiğit, who said that he had acted on “punishment” from the beginning of this trial, called on the court to give up this attitude and demanded his acquittal.

Nihat Konak started his defense by reacting to the ongoing unfair detention. Drawing attention to the statements of the person who is also included as a defendant in the file, Konak said that it is not a coincidence that his name is in this file.

A major freedom campaign was organized in 2016 for Konak, who was not allowed to benefit from the right to parole after 17 years of captivity, and the campaign was widely publicized. Again in 2021, Konak, who was presented as “Turkey responsible” in the bourgeois-feudal media, was made a target with these news. Then, relevant news sources had to publish a denial about this news.

Konak drew attention to these in his defense and stated that the confessor gave his name based on this information, and that the confessor already said in his statement that he knew him from the news in the media. Saying that none of these are coincidences, Konak said, “A heavy price has been paid in this country in the name of democratization and in the fight for humane living. Not just the police, prisons, media; The legal system also engaged in this.” said.

Drawing attention to the articles submitted as evidence in the file, Konak gave detailed explanations on the subjects of the articles. He said that many issues, from the principle of unity-criticism-unity to the thesis of democratic revolution, were discussed by communist masters, philosophers and even writers. Stating that reading these discussions or developing ideas on them cannot be a crime, Konak said, “The reader’s expectations are not always parallel to the purpose of writing an article.” he said and added that this could not be evidence of membership in the organization.

Konak said, “What I experienced is the same as what is happening in our country. This is our country, this is our reality!” he said and demanded his acquittal.

In her defense, Aysel Kaya said that the statements made about her were not based on any concrete facts. Stating that they are to be punished for statements that are based on “membership in an organization” and have no legal basis, Kaya said, “They want to punish by saying that the possibility is possible.” Stating that she could defend against this if there was any concrete evidence, Kaya said that neither the prosecutor nor the judge made an effort to even prove the veracity of the allegations in question. Pointing out that what they wanted to punish was the idea of socialism and communism, Kaya demanded an end to her unjust detention and his acquittal.

Ünal Yiğit’s lawyer, Nagehan Avçil, started his defense by saying, “As the court committee, you left us unarmed.” Responding to the allegations against Yiğit, Avçil reacted to the rejection of uncovering and expert requests. “In this country, if you do not have the official ideology, you can be punished under Article 174 even for the detergent found in your home.” Avçil called on the court panel to give up their stance and said, “Ensure the principle of equality of arms.” said.

All of the lawyers stated that the confessor’s statements were not based on any concrete evidence, which prevented him from making a defence. Again, the lawyers criticized the prosecution’s opinion and demanded the acquittal of their clients.

The court board decided to continue the detention of 8 people and postponed the hearing to July 5.

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