Mexico: Weekly Newsletter

Hereby we publish an unofficial translation of the weekly newsletter of Solrojista:

The indefinite national strike of the National Coordination of Education Workers (CNTE) continues. Twelve days before the start of this strike and its different activities, the responses of the federal government have been insufficient and unsatisfactory. Not to mention the responses of the different State governments. Everything indicates that the old State is trying to manage the conflict with delaying tactics to generate wear and tear on the teachers’ movement, which is supporting the sit-in in the main square of Mexico City and in other states of the republic. The regime’s priority at the moment is its election on June 2, where it will define who will manage the old State for the next six years, which is why it is urgent to them that the mobilization stops. It is evident that the workers and the people are not represented in the electoral farce that only serves to legitimize the regime of oppression and exploitation that weighs on us; on the contrary, we must boycott it. So far the three response documents to the petition do not offer or guarantee compliance with the teachers’ demands, much less the demands for justice. Nor does the proposal of a dialogue table until June 4 with AMLO gives guarantees of anything. Accepting this and demobilizing would be a mistake with high political costs for the teachers’ movement. Let’s ask ourselves, for how long did AMLO cancel the dialogue with the CNTE? For this reason, the teaching bases that support the sit-in and the resistance actions must respond forcefully: Let us continue until we conquer our union and justice demands! Education workers… Make the strike a national teachers’ and popular Strike! Total boycott of the electoral farce!

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