France – Elections: Why the revolutionaries call for boycott?

We publish an unofficial translation of the article of la Cause du Peuple.

We hear it again, as in 2017, as in 2022…. the little music of the political class, of the bourgeois press, of certain relatives, of certain friends, etc.: “We must vote”, “it is a civic tasks” and, for the tenth time, go voting “to make a barrier”. After the dissolution, we have not only the right to the usual sermon, but to the mirage of “repeating” the presidential elections, this is the reason of the high expected participation.

This time is over. Since several years, the bourgeois “left” does not represent a support or hope for the voters who still follow it. The only impulsive force today after the vote of the “left” is the use of threat, constantly used to ask for the re-election of those who ALSO are responsible of the worsening of the reactionary politics of the French bourgeoisie. The principles are clear for us, the attitude is clear: as past years, we will not vote.

The order to vote today comes mainly by the opposition of the Macronist party, and works for the “left” mainly for the impulse of the urban petit-bourgeoisie, with a speech that is spread by a part of the masses.

Then, why the call for boycott?

As it is said, we are doing “the concrete analysis of the concrete situation”. Our class, the working class, is today certainly combative, but unorganized and without leadership. It lost its capability to make a coherent political expression, autonomous to the bourgeoisie, 60 years ago. Then, all the parties of the current parliamentary scene are parties that do not correspond to the aspirations of our class: each of them forms a fraction of the big party of the French imperialist bourgeoisie.

Be it with a right or “left” application, all this parties and the “alternation” are only different actions inside the ruling class. In the ongoing reactionarization, everyone takes part in it, even Mélenchon who supported the Maastricht Agreement, back then led under the Jospin government, and today he praises the “closeness police” in the neighborhoods, the “francophony” in Africa, of France as the “second largest maritime territory” thanks to its colonies. This “left” is unable to propose anything more than a social-chauvinist program that also strength the hurtful capability of French imperialism.

For our class, for the revolutionaries, the priority is in another place. To actively boycott the bourgeois elections means to assume that this game is no longer ours. Our enemy is not this or that bourgeois party, but the whole bourgeoisie and its State. So, the most urgent task for us is to solve the problem that we described previously: the capability of our class to organize itself and take action out of this sphere of bourgeois influence. It is to make barriers to re-build solidarity ties in our neighborhoods, but also putting barriers in our unions, our associations, etc.

We also denounce the testimonial candidatures so-called “revolutionaries” in a moment when the class not only has other necessities, but it expresses clearly its hostility to the bourgeois institution, particular against parliament. Since ten years ago, the majority of the working class has abstained – rightly – from all this electoral events. The priority is to take them back to the polls?

The “testimonial” candidatures, instead of promote revolutionary ideas, credit the system of generalized corruption that has characterized the bourgeois elections since the late 1980s. The finance law of the political parties has turned the political parties in truly extensions of the bourgeois State after assigning funds base on the quantity of votes, making them no only dependents, but also responsible of their activity, undermining any chance of real combativeness of this candidates.

To summarize, the electoral game is neither hones nor just. For us, the pressing needs are in other part. “To make barrier”, How many times? For how long? Stop the cretinism, we want power to our class, through revolution! Our only slogan is still: “Boycott the elections!”

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