The massacre continues in Palestine. The war intensifies in Lebanon

Featured image: Palestinians leaving Khan Younis. Source: Eyad Baba/AFP.

In the last 24 hours, 58 people have been killed and 179 more have been injured. Today the death toll in the Gaza Strip has reached 38,011 people murdered and 87,445 injured. These figures are only a part of a Israeli genocidal plan, which does not only murder or injure the population, but also erase all the infrastructures which are considered vital, linked with survival in one way or another. For example, there is a constant attack against healthcare workers, hospitals, ambulances, etc. Also there are many studies which are pointing out how this destruction has eliminated for a long time the ability of the Gaza Strip to feed itself. Additionally there is a 96 per cent of Palestinians in Gaza facing food insecurity.

Percentages of vegetation damaged or destroyed, what is key for feeding the Gaza’s population. Source: Al Jazeera

In short, there is a complete and systematic effort of the State of Israel of annihilate all the current and future life of the Gaza Strip. There is no house, school, healthcare or cultural infrastructure on its feet. Another step in the genocide and attempt of eviction of the Palestinians from their lands, is the new evacuation order for Khan Younis, which has already caused more than 250,000 displaced people. This order, as it is usual, comes without any kind of security, times or guarantees for the civil population, as from the moment the order was issued, the State of Israel has initiated a new round of intense bombardments on the city. This is not coincidence, but obeys to a further step in the Israeli genocidal plan, and it is also because the recent problems which are going through the Zionist armed forces, which have entered Rafah and Gaza City and are facing new obstacles. There, the National Resistance Front of Palestine is far from disappearing and continue imposing casualties to occupying forces. In fact just two days ago the Palestinian resistance carried out the biggest rocket shelling in months against the State of Israel.

Evacuation orders which Khan Younis has suffered since 7th of October of 2023. Source: Al Jazeera

These blows suffered by the Israeli occupying forces are being specially relevant. On the last three days the State of Israel has acknowledged two soldiers eliminated and 44 injured. On the last 24 hours, there have been 24 injured soldiers. Israeli military officials publicly are articulating their worries about the losses being perspectively too much to stand for a longer period.

As we previously reported, West Bank became a war zone, with military blockades and bombardments. Recently there has been another aerial strike by the Israeli military against the refugee camp of Tulkarem, in which four Palestinians have been murdered. There, the Israeli troops often carried out raids against the population in the region and they commit truly atrocities and they show their worst face, the most cruel, brutal and criminal. An example of that is when the Israeli soldiers decided to strap an injured Palestinian at the front of a vehicle, using him as a human shield and as a strategy to inflict terror.

The residents of these areas have shown how the Israeli troops are not only carrying out raids to stop the Palestinians, but to also carry out there their genocidal policy and they attempt to eliminate the life of the area. For example, recently it could been seen how they have massively set fire to crops:

Even though, these attacks have not been carried out without resistance. In one attack done few days ago against Tulkarem, an Israeli sergeant was eliminated and another soldier was injured. The offensive against West Bank is increasingly becoming a genocidal offensive in order to eliminate the Palestinians, as well as it is happening in the war against the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. And as a prove of that, the State of Israel has recently approved a plan for the biggest land theft from the Palestinians in more than three decades. The lands they seek to steal are close to Ramallah. Now it is legal to evict and attack the Palestinians, even though this is clearly a pure formality, as previously the Israeli repressive forces along with settlers were constantly attacking the Palestinians living there.

Moreover the State of Israel and imperialism have not enough with unleashing the war against the oppressed people in the Gaza Strip or West Bank, but it is also unleashing it against other peoples of the Middle East, for example Lebanon. In June, the State of Israel reported that it had approved a plan to extend the war towards Lebanon, for an ‘all-out-war’, stating that in a small period of time, Lebanon would be severely hit and Hezbollah would be totally destroyed. The same thing they stated regarding the Palestinian resistance, and as we well know, it is far from eliminating it.

Yesterday Israel has killed a commander of Hezbollah, Muhammad Nimah Nasser, in an airstrike against Tyre, Lebanon. This attack joins the long list of violations of national sovereignty of neighboring countries carried out by the State of Israel. But Israel is also facing blows done by Hezbollah in solidarity with Palestine and as a response to the terror policy imposed by Israel against the peoples in the Middle East. This organization continue relentlessly attacking numerous Israeli military targets. Just few days ago, 18 Israeli soldiers were injured by a drone attack carried out by Hezbollah, being this one of the attacks which caused more damage to the Israeli troops.

Between yesterday and today, Hezbollah has launched hundreds of missiles and drones over Israeli territory, as a retaliation against the recent murder of its commander. Yesterday, instantly after the killing, the organization launched 100 Katyusha rockets against Israeli military positions. Reportedly, afterwards more than 100 sites in the Upper, Lower and Western Galilee, the Golan Heights (Syrian occupied territory by the State of Israel), and the coastal areas of Nahariya and Acre, have been hit by a the biggest attack launched by Hezbollah since October 7th. More than 200 missiles, rockets and drones targeted Israeli military positions. Dozens of fires broke out in various locations and there is at least one Israeli soldier eliminated and several others wounded.

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