France: After the extreme right takes the lead in the 1st round, anti-immigration posters are seen

We publish an unofficial translation on the article of A Nova Democracia.

In France, the extreme right takes the lead in the first election Sunday for Parliament representative, pointing to the defeat of Macron and the false left.

In France, the far right came out ahead in the results of the first round of elections for the French parliament, held on June 30th. Rassemblement National, Marine Le Pen’s party, got 33%, followed by the opportunist false-left coalition New Popular Front, with 28%. The coalition supported by President Emmanuel Macron obtained only 21% of the votes.

Rassemblement National, Marine Le Pen’s party, will seek to confirm victory in the second round, on July 7. If the 33% vote is confirmed, the extreme right will win 297 of the 577 seats in the French Parliament, a result that will allow Jordan Bardella, leader of the extreme right, to assume the position of Prime Minister of France.

The New Popular Front coalition, hastily assembled to prevent the far-right from winning, failed and now intends to form an agreement with the coalition of reactionary president Emmanuel Macron. The New Popular Front includes the “Socialist” Party, the “Communist” Party of France, Europe Ecology and France Insoumise.

Through the reactivation of the Republican Front, the false left alongside the Renaissance (Macron’s party that heads the third electoral coalition), almost 200 candidates announced that they will no longer run, in an attempt to prevent the division of the political field opposed to the extreme right. This is a strategy to prevent the division of the votes of those who did not vote and will not vote for the extreme right of the Rassemblement National, increasing the chance of ultra-reactionary candidates being defeated.

But there may be problems along the way. Edouard Phillipe, former prime minister and leader of the Horizons party (which makes up Macron’s electoral coalition), did not agree with the Republican Front’s strategy. He said that his party’s candidates should only withdraw from the race if the scenario in the second round is not polarized between the extreme right and the false left. Which indicates that the French false left wants an alliance with the liberal right more than the imperialist politicians themselves.

On election day, combative protests took place across France. Demonstrators took the streets to protest against the far right and clashed with the police.

The day after the elections, posters from one of the parties that make up the far-right coalition had repercussions for their anti-immigrant stance, bordering on neo-Nazism. The poster has the image of a white, blonde, blue-eyed child next to the phrase “Let’s give white children a future”. After the negative repercussion, the far-right group stated that it will replace the posters with another with the phrase “May they return to Africa”.

The result, so far, confirms Macron’s defeat – who dissolved the French parliament after the elections for the European parliament intending to polarize the French to support him. Now supported by the false left, Macron will seek to lessen the weight of this defeat. It also indicates that, after all, the French extreme right has already had an achievement, establishing a fertile field for ultra-reactionaries to propagate their anti-communist, anti-immigration and pro-Zionist discourse – a field that already exists in Hungary (by Orban), in Italy (by Giorgia Meloni), in Germany (by “Alternative for Germany”), Poland (which until December 2023 had a far-right party at its head) and others.

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