Brazil: Murderer of student activist Remís Carla is executed

We publish an unofficial translation of the article by A Nova Democracia.

The body of the killer of former revolutionary activist Remís Carla was found lifeless and with gunshot wounds in Pernambuco, 7 years after the cowardly murder.

The killer of student activist Remís Carla was shot to death on July 1st, in the city of Vicência, Pernambuco. According to information from the Civil Police, the body was found on a public road “with gunshot wounds”.

The surprising thing is that, although he was arrested in 2021 after being sentenced to 18 years in prison by a popular jury, Remis’ killer was free. His sentence states that it was a “femicide crime, a vain motive and the use of a resource that made the victim’s defense impossible or difficult”. Still, the old State’s courts released him in mid-2023.

Paulo César de Oliveira Silva confessed to having killed Remís Carla, his ex-girlfriend, by choking her. Then, the killer hid Remís’ body near her house. As soon as her family and classmates realized that there were no answers from Remís, a campaign to locate her was started.

Remís Carla was a recognized student activist at her university and participated in supporting the peasant struggle and for housing.

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