Mexico: Weekly Newsletter

Hereby we publish an unofficial translation of the last Weekly Newsletter published in Sol Rojistas México.

Mexico. Arnulfo García Santos, member of the Base Committee of the displaced Triqui families of San Miguel Copala and active member of the Current of the People – Red Sun, was arrested on last June 28 in Juxtlahuaca by individuals dressed in civilian clothes who in no moment showed an arrest warrant or any explanation about the arrest. He was later transferred to the Court in Oaxaca. Now our colleague has been assigned to the Miahuatlán prison accused of homicide, a crime that he did not commit and that is clearly presented as a criminalization and made up of crimes against the displaced people of San Miguel Copala, which still demand respect and compliance with precautionary measures contained in File DDHPO/2492/(25)/OAX/2016. As we know, the old Mexican State keeps an ambiguous position regarding forced internal displacement in the Triqui region, since on the one hand the federal and State have filled their mouths with talks of reconciliation and supposed “tables of peace”; and on the other, they have isolated the victims, leaving the route in the hands of the MULT-Morena who are accused of their responsibility in the events of violence that occurred in San Miguel Copala, San Juan Copala and Tierra Blanca Copala over the last 14 years. In this regard, the Triqui families of San Miguel Copala who were displaced in the month of February 2010 in MULT hands point out that “we have never been called to any table or to any dialogue with the State to solve our situation… we do not know the previously mentioned peace tables, we only know the bullets from “MULT murderers.” The displaced Triquis of San Miguel Copala kept for years a sit-in in front of the palace of ignominy (palace of government) until they were relocated to the Andador Gurrión after the takeover of the protest by the current governor. Last February the Morenoist local government of Martínez Neri evicted them and chased them through the streets preventing them from selling their handmade products. The arrest of comrade Arnulfo García Santos confirms that the Mexican State not only does not want to solve the problem of internal displacement, but also evicts, persecutes and criminalizes displaced from San Miguel Copala favoring only their allies, the paramilitaries of the MULT-Morena. Freedom to Arnulfo García Santos! Justice for San Miguel Copala!

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