PERU: Long live the SUTEP ÚNICO, instrument of struggle and resistance of the classist teachers!

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On the People’s Teacher’s Day: July 6th.

The SUTEP ÚNICO and the validity of José Carlos Mariátegui La Chira, a summit and luminary of the Scientific Thought of the Proletariat in Latin America. It is necessary to start from Mariátegui to explain and objectively understand education, as an institution that is part of the superstructure in a certain economic and social Formation. His contributions are clear: forging the school of study and work, principal: merging knowledge with production for the people and, “It is not possible to democratize the teaching of a country, without democratizing, therefore, its political superstructure.”

At the present time, where fascism is applied (there is the Congress that recently this month of July, has approved a legislation that supports, legitimizes and amnesties the Criminals of Crimes against Humanity, fascists and genocidal against the people, who according to these vile and illegal Legal Norms, will have “amnesty”. Only the people will do true justice) And in Education, the working conditions, salaries of Teachers in Labor Activity (whether “Appointed” or in “Contracted” condition; as well as the Teachers, Unemployed and Retired), receive impoverished and ridiculous salaries compared to the cost of living, galloping and inflationary (a School Teacher should have a Minimum Remuneration of 15 000.00 Soles; but it is not so; in addition, of absolute surplus value, with prolongation of the Work Day and with the same miserable salary).

There is a semi-feudal labor relationship with incessant denial of rights, liberties and achievements. This situation was legalized with the promulgation of the Law of Teacher Destruction, LRM 29944, supported by political gamblers, the worms of the Patria Roja party, absolute owners of the money of the Teachers in the Magisterial Spill and of the bureaucratic so-called bosses’ organization called: “For class-based union unity”, which will be united with those “above”, with Imperialism, mainly Yankee and, today, with the Social Imperialism of the State of China.

In collusion with this bunch of parasites of Patria Roja, there is Opportunism, disguised as a Regional Federation, who shout “Change of Constitution.” They are nothing more than parliamentary cretins.

On the Day of the People’s Teachers, a strong class greeting to the People’s Teachers who serve selflessly, wholeheartedly, our beloved and indestructible people. And of course:

Long live the SUTEP ÚNICO, instrument of struggle and resistance of the classist teachers!

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