Protests against high living costs in Moldova and imperialist plotting

Around 4500 people protested against high costs of living in Chișinău, the capital of Moldova on the 12th of March, connected to the series of anti-government protests since February. Moldova is one of the poorest nations in Europe, neighboring Ukraine and Romania. The region of Transnistria, which has its own rivaling government and is not controlled by the central government of the Republic of Moldova, is located along the border with Ukraine. The anti-government protesters shouted ”Down with dictatorship!” and ”Down with Maia Sandu!”, and tried to storm the parliament, clashing with the riot police. 54 people were arrested. The government of Maia Sandu, which represents the faction of the fatherland-selling bourgeoisie loyal to ”western” imperialists, has called the protests an destabilization attempt by Russian imperialism – the protests were indeed mobilized by an exiled lackey of Russian imperialism Igor Shor and his party. The government introduced new measures limiting the right to assembly.

Thousands protested in February against rising costs of living in Chișinău. (Source: San Antonio Express News)

In 2018, 7,8% in Moldova lived below the poverty line – in absolute poverty. Many have had to leave the country in order to support their family and are exploited in horrible, semi-feudal conditions. Many poor women and children are taken from Moldova and forced into prostitution or slavery in other countries. In the crisis, the poorest are suffering even more. For example, food prices have risen fast – compared to last year, food prices had risen by 26,5% in February 2023 – and consuming has decreased according to statistics. In February, the protesters held signs with pictures of the corrupt politicians of the government posing in front of their luxurious houses. “They have millions. We are dying of hunger!” said the protesters. Also other costs of living have risen, adding to the misery.


Moldova is one of the oppressed nations of Eastern Europe that went through a change of hands after the bankruptcy of Soviet social-imperialism. Eastern Europe is of interest for the imperialists in their struggle and collusion for repartition of the world, Ukraine as the burning point, which is why also in Moldova the situation is very complicated. The imperialists try to use the justified anger and rebellion of the masses for their interests. Their lackeys heading ”opposition” movements attempt to liquidate the rebellion and to lead the masses astray, for just another government change, another exploiter. At the same time, the government can play a ”democracy activist” and solidify its rule, becoming even more reactionary, turning its back on the starving people.

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