Israeli forces murder Palestinians in Jenin and Beitin

Israeli armed forces killed four people, two of which were claimed to be militants suspected of ”terrorist activities”, in a raid in Jenin, located in the occupied West Bank. The troops opened fire in a middle of a busy street in downtown Jenin, and faced resistance from the Palestinians. Armed forces of national resistance fired back at the Israeli troops. The masses on the street also threw rocks at them. 20 people were injured as the special forces fired around randomly. “A teenager, aged 16, was killed. He was not involved in anything. He worked at a family business”, one of the local people said after the raid.

On friday, the Israeli forces shot a man dead in Beitin, a Palestinian village near el-Bireh. In the statement of the Israeli army they said that they had asked the man to identify himself and he had approached them with a knife. The man, Yazan Omar Jamil Khasib, was the latest of the 84 Palestinians killed by Israeli armed forces this year.

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