Two soldiers of the Philippine Army killed by the NPA

Negros Oriental is a province on the island of Negros, the fourth largest and third most populous island in the Philippines (By Milenioscuro – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Two soldiers of the Philippine Army were killed by rifle grenades detonated by New People’s Army (NPA). The ambush happened in Barangay Malangsa in Vallehermoso, Negros Oriental, 7:30 in the evening of March 15th. Two soldiers were also injured in the ambush.

The soldiers were a part of a newly established detachment of the 62nd Infantry Battalion of the Philippine Army. According to a statement on the action by Ka JB Regalado, the spokesman of the Leonardo Panaligan Command (LPC) of the New People’s Army, which operates in the area, the Battalion is forcing local peasants to work on the construction of their military camp. This is to great extent preventing the livelihood of the peasants who are facing severe poverty and hunger due to their lack of land.

In a new statement by Ka JB Regalado dated March 18th the action on March 15th was highlighted and the NPA units under the LPC were called on to continue the offensive:

“The 62nd IB is just showing that it is desperate to find the presence of the NPA in the area because of the trouble they suffered from the NPA’s offensives especially the NPA’s harassment of the newly established army detachment in Brgy Malangsa, Vallehermoso. It was recalled that two were killed and two were wounded of the executioners of the 62nd IB on March 15.

We call on all NPA units under the LPC to continue to launch a tactical offensive. The fascist military troops will be punished and justice will be given to their victims.”(Our translation)

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