Protests in France remain strong

The protests in France are still going strong after over two months, and show no signs of ending. The protests have been attended by millions of people. These large masses of people show their resistance, from peaceful marches and putting up banners, to fighting against the police, setting fires and making barricades.

We have previously written on the protests in France that were recently intensified when the Macron government forced a pension reform through the french parliament. The reform raises the age of retirement from 62 to 64 years.

In the face of the popular protests, Macron is still insisting on forcing through the reform. Macron has said that the widely unpopular reform will be enacted into law at the end of the year.

Several vital industries continue to be effected by strikes. Garbage collectors, fishers, transport workers and refinery workers are some of those who are striking.

The police is using increasing violence against the protesters, but it faces strong resistance.

Revolutionaries are actively participating in the combative protests, politicizing the masses and mobilizing especially the youth to the protests.

In Rennes, there has been protests every day. Workers and revolutionary youth stood up to the riot police with burning barricades, projectiles, petrol bombs and distress flares at a demonstration of fishermen on the 22nd of March.

In Grenoble, revolutionaries participated to a torch march on the 21st of March. The protest was able to resist and repel police forces multiple times.

In Nantes, many people participated to a torch march on the 21st.

(Source: @Cause_du_Peuple on Twitter)

Revolutionaries participated to a inter-union protest, which blocked multiple highways and railroads in Lyon.

Also in Rennes, revolutionaries participated to a blockade of highways.

Revolutionaries participated in a blockade of the Issy incinerator with the striking workers.

(Source:@Cause_du_Peuple on Twitter)

The students are also struggling against the pension reform. In Saint Etienne, three campuses were blocked by students and revolutionaries, who report on Twitter that the university management is threatening them with police intervention, to which they answer: «we do not discuss and we continue until the withdrawal [of the pension reform]!»

In Paris, slogans were painted for the Paris commune among others at a blockade of an university.

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