More international solidarity with the struggle against the CIIT

More actions have been made internationally in solidarity with the struggle of the Mexican people against the CIIT, following the call which we have published here.

In Oslo, activists organized a rally in front of the Mexican embassy on the 21st of March. They carried banners with the slogans ”The Interoceanic corridor (CIIT) plunders and kills poor peasants and indigenous people in Mexico! Stop the terror against the people in Mexico! Stop the terror against poor peasants in Brazil!” in Norwegian. Revolutionary music from Latin America was played and slogans were shouted in Norwegian and Spanish in support of the Current of the People – Red Sun, in support of the poor peasants’ struggle for land and in support of a new democratic revolution in Mexico. The speeches denounced the old Mexican state as treacherous, anti-democratic and anti-people, and the popular struggle was highlighted, connecting it with the struggle of the LCP in Brazil. The rally also denounced the Yankee preparations for a military intervention with the pretext of ”war against drugs”. It is reported that the employees of the embassy were peeking out of the windows and hid themselves when they were noticed by the activists.

In Copenhagen, Denmark, dazibaos were put up in a proletarian neighbourhood.

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