Some more impressions on the protests in France

We publish this translation of a report on the protests in France published by Nouvelle Epoque.

Great revolts in France

Since the use of 49.3. by the reactionary government of Emmanuel Macron the struggle against the pension reform has intensified. Here is a photo and video report which gathers photographs of powerful demonstrations and other determined actions in all France sent by our correspondents on the field, which will be updated as we go along.

Saint Etienne

Powerful demonstrations

The demonstrators attacked the office of Quentin Bataillon, a deputy of the government who voted against the motion of no-confidence and supports the reform.

The streets of downtown after the demonstration.

The police intervened after demonstrators managed to break down the door of the office of the debuty Quentin Bataillon.

Confronting the MEDEF [Movement of the Enterprices of France]

Blockade of the university of Saint-Etienne


Powerful demonstrations

Confronting the MEDEF

Historical blockade of the Lyon 3 university


Powerful demonstrations


Powerful demonstrations

Paris – Ile de France

Powerful demonstrations

Blockade of the University of Clignancourt

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