Weekly Editorial – Society suffering from a exploitation System

From Red Herald we publish this unofficial translation of the Weekly Editorial of the newspaper A Nova Democracia:

Weekly Editorial – Society suffering from a exploitation System

The scenes of the various attacks against schools in different regions of the country are horrifying. Mostly carried out by teenagers, the brutal episodes were repeated in SP, SC, AM, GO and other states, not to mention the countless cases of frustrated attempts. The attack carried out by a man against a day-care center, taking the lives of children, averagely four-years old, stands out.

These cases of beastly ignominy reveal, first of all, the fraying of social ties. Behind it, and as a reason for it, is all the torpid individualism disseminated since always by the antennae of the media monopolies, reproduced on a daily basis, in the culture of contempt for others, indifference of some for others – values founded as a justification for the most abject exploitation and oppression, such as the one that occurs in our country, against workers, wage earners in general, the poor of the city and the poor in the countryside. In a society, submitted to a system of exploitation and oppression, already in an advanced stage of putrefaction, the antagonistic relations of the more disorganized are the exploited and oppressed classes, under the battering of bourgeois and semi-feudal ideology, and with greater force this ideology imposes itself, degrading the healthy values, taking them to the edge of dementia. Much more so now, with the most outrageous importation into national life of American culture, of the supposed “progressivism” of post-modernism, sectarian and fascist postmodernism, and also, as a consequence, the importation of a misogynist extreme right wing that goes beyond the limits of insanity and that has as promoters, in Brazil, the Bolsonaro clan with their generals with their hydrophobic anti-communist drool; in the acute nihilism or in the selfish and alienated hedonism, especially among young people, the complete moral emptiness, the cult of every theory and the cult of every antisocial theory and psychology, of hatred for humanity. In the end, it is the sign of a society enslaved to an already senile system, which vegetates and self-destructs.

The solution to this serious problem is not, in any way, the entering of police in the schools, which would only accentuate the reactionary militarization already with its “shock of order” brutally repressing the struggles of the masses for their just demands, and demands and, in particular, the repression against the student struggle. Therefore, the already existing situation would worsen. On the contrary, it is necessary that the social bonds be rewoven in the school community; it is necessary that teachers, employees, students and the country are integrated in the defense of schools, organize themselves through a democratic system of discussions and assemblies to establish modes of control shared by all members of the school community.

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