Actions for the first of May in India and Turkey

In India and Turkey actions have been made for the first of May.

In India, militants have torched two trucks used in a construction work in Ittapara on the first of May, in the Sukma district. The action was developed ten days after ten agents of the DRG (Disctrict Reserve Guard) were killed in an ambush attack triggered in the district of Dantewada in the state of Chhattisgarh.


In the demonstration in Istanbul, Turkey, while they where marching with Ibrahim Kaypakkaya’s banners, the police blocked and attacked many Partizan readers, and detained many people. During the demonstration, at least 15 Partizan readers where detained, and also the reporter Elif Karakaya. A lot of them were detained in a brutal manner.

At the beginning and in the end of the demonstration, the police wanted to confiscate the Partizan’s banner with the picture of the historical leader, Ibrahim Kaypakkaya and to stop them from marching with them, but they could not, and the cortege marched with the banners. During the demonstration, slogans as “Our Leader İbrahim, İbrahim Kaypakkaya!” and “All People to the Path of Revolution, People’s War!” could be heard.

Videos published by Yeni Demokrasi show masses struggling against police and shouting slogans for Ibrahim Kaypakkaya.

May Day was celebrated in Dersim, Turkey, under the leadership of the Labor and Democracy Platform, “which includes many revolutionary and democratic institutions and trade unions,” as they explain. Among the institutions was Partizan. Partizan’s procession marched to Seyint Riza Square with banners reading “The May Day flag is in our hands, we are on the revolutionary path with courage and determination” and with the silhouette of Kaypakkaya. At arrival on the square speeches were made. Yeni Demokrasi adds “The representatives of Partizan who greeted the crowd and made a speech, stated that the hope of the masses should not be in the ballot box at a time when the state institutions are so exposed”.

In Diyarbakir the police tried to stop the march of the 1st of May. The participants of the celebrations achieved to reach the Dağkapı square, which was closed with barriers. Yeni Demokrasi and Partizan readers also participated in the march of the 1st of May with banners of “Freedom for Press Workers” and “Long Live the First of May” in Turkish and Kurdish.

The demonstrators demanded better wages and working conditions as well as denounced the militarization and the military repression against the Kurdish.

Source: Yeni Demokrasi
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