Statement on the attacks against PARTIZAN

We publish an unofficial translation of a statement we found on Partizan:


Partizan was the last objective of the attacks against revolutionary democratic organizations, especially the Green Left Party, before the election. It is clear that this attack on Partizan activists and readers, like other attacks, is against the entire revolutionary and democratic movement. We had the honor of standing shoulder to shoulder with all our friends who were aware of this, took a stand and made a statement of solidarity. We will raise the hope created by this practice, which embodies the importance and necessity of revolutionary solidarity…

We have no doubt that this attack against Partizan is not the end. As the struggle continues, attacks, detentions and arrests are inevitable. We are always ready for these. We had the power, the consciousness to cope with them yesterday, and like the previous arrests, these latest arrests are the result of intolerance towards the consciousness of revolution, which we pursue with determination, and the goal of complete liberation from the order of oppression and plunder. This is a natural intolerance that we encounter all the time in the class struggle. Our comrades who were detained and arrested are fully aware of this. We own this consciousness. It should definitely be known that we are in the same resistance position as them against the attack they are subjected to.

The reasons given for the detentions and arrests are journalistic work, legal and democratic actions, and abstract claims based on pure expression. Almost all of our comrades were taken from their homes by smashing their doors, with actions aimed at creating fear and anxiety. Contrary to the nature of the grounds for accusation, the purpose of detentions is mainly to strike fear into the masses. The state, which exhibited a show of brute force, has once again shown that it is helpless in the face of the revolutionary-democratic struggle. Monopolizing violence is the only support it trusts. We repeat once again that no power can be more powerful than the power of the people. Nor is any state power inconsistent with the interests of the invincible people. For this very reason, they are doomed to be defeated because they are facing the public.

When they attack, they attack all of us, the hope of the people, the dynamics of struggle. Our stance against them should be the same. We have no doubt that the content of the revolutionary solidarity shown is like this, and as it is, it is great and will continue to grow. As the number of those who do not remain silent increases, as it is shouted that our arrested comrades and friends are not alone, and most importantly, as long as the flags of our struggle are not lowered, we will watch our enemies fall.

We make the same call with all our friends: do not succumb to attacks on revolutionary democratic politics. This policy will win. As long as we don’t give up on solidarity. Let’s resolutely defend the interests of the people, let’s continue to raise the flag carried by our arrested comrades and friends…


May 2023

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