India: the struggle continues in Manipur

Indian policemen patrolling the streets of Pukhao, East Imphal district. Source: The Indian Express

The conflict continues in Manipur, even with gunfights. After the state of emergency, the curfews and the militarization of the federal state of Manipur, the Indian Armed Forces claim that the situation was controlled at Friday 5th May. We already published an article about the origin of the conflict and its beginnings.

But, after this statements, the people of Manipur continues struggling against the Indian State, against its police, troops and paramilitary, as the Assam Rifles [Author’s note: paramilitary organization to control the borders of Northeast India, and also for do tasks of counterinsurgency]. The Wednesday 10th May, unidentified people opened fire against Assam Rifles personnel, being injured one soldier. On the other hand, the Thursday 11th May, happened a more serious incident: a police officer of Manipur was killed, and another two were injured in a gunfight, on Bishnupur district, on the South of Manipur. The facts happened as follows: “According to the sources, the commandos were there around 8.30 am Thursday, to follow up on inputs received about the movement of some insurgents in the area. It has not yet been ascertained which group is behind the incident, but sources said the police commando succumbed to injuries caused by an “AK-47 bullet”.”. Regarding the same fact, the Security Advisor of the state of Manipur, states the Friday 12th May, that the number of injured commandos was six.

Also, local media report about a block on the roads that stopped a big convoy: “Meanwhile, around 180 Imphal-bound goods-laden trucks were forced to return from Kangpokpi district towards Senapati district after a large number of people blocked the Kangpokpi stretch of National Highway-2. Kangpokpi, about 43 km away from Manipur’s capital Imphal, is a Kuki-dominated district. The irate mobs at Kangpokpi town also burnt down a car along the highway, an official report said. Following the blockade, the convoy of trucks retreated to Senapati district (Naga-dominated district).”

Besides this, other incidents have happened on Friday: a soldier of Assam Rifles was injured when was trying to diffuse an Improvised Explosive Device [IED], on the Saiton village, Bishnupur district. Meanwhile, the Indian Armed Forces announced the deployment of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles [UAV’s] and helicopters in order to have a bigger control of the area.

Despite all of these facts, the Security Advisor of Manipur, Kuldeep Singh claimed Friday that the death toll was 71 dead people in Manipur, but the situation would be improve a lot after the curfew and the State intervention.

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