Nakba – A day of struggle all over the world

All around the world people went out on the streets on the 15th of May and the preceding days, marking the 75th anniversary of the Nakba. We have previously written about actions in the occasion of the anniversary of the Nakba, where 800.000 of Palestinians were expelled from their territory. We share some of the actions that have been reported on.

In Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, on the 14th of May a large demonstration was organized by International Forum, Boycott Israel DK and Stop the Annexation of Palestine. “Long live Palestine!”, “Boycott Israel!”, “Down with Israel!”, “Down with the US!”, “From the River to the Sea, Palestine will be free!” and “Children in Gaza have the right of life” was among the slogans shouted by the participants.

Activists from Anti-imperialist Collective participated with a banner with the slogan “Long live proletarian internationalism! Solidarity with the struggle of the Palestinian People”.

Anti-imperialist Collective on in the Nakba demonstration in Copenhagen. Source: Socialist Revolution

On the 15th of May Activists from Anti-imperialist Collective had a stand where they distributed fliers for Palestine as well as other materials like stickers. According to the report the activity received a lot of support, especially from the youth in the neighborhood. On the evening a solidarity event was arranged by NASIM, with several speeches and a showing of the movie Jenin Jenin.

Stand by Anti-imperialist Collective on the Nakba day. Source: Socialist Revolution

In Lyon, France, on the 15th of May, Revolutionary Youth League (LJR) made graffiti and put up posters supporting the Palestinian Resistance

In Newcastle, UK, on the 15th of May Palestine Action occupied a factory of the Israeli weapons company Rafael.

In Valladolid, Spain, there was an event commemorating the 75th anniversary of the Nakba

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