Palestine: demonstrations for the 75th Anniversary of Nakba

Cortege of the League of the Revolutionary Youth [Ligue de la Jeunesse Revolutionnaire – LJR] in the demonstration on commemoration of Nakba in Paris. Source: LJR’s Twitter.

Tomorrow, on 15th May, is the commemoration of 75th Nakba Anniversary, the expulsion of 800.000 Palestinians from their own territory, destruction of at least 500 cities, towns and villages, and the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territory. Past year this mobilization was marked by the murder of journalist Shireen Abu Akleh and the Israeli attacks against the Palestinian people.

In the last week, dozens of demonstration were conveid in the whole world, with a clear tone of resistance and protest against the occupation of Palestine by the Israeli State. This year this make a lot of sense, taking in account the Israeli bombings against Palestinian territory in the last week. Also there is repression against the Palestinian people and their fight in Europe. For example, Berlin has banned the demonstration for the Nakba commemoration. Despite this, there is several mobilizations planned in Germany, for example in Hamburg, where the revolutionaries denounce the increasing repression against the Palestinian people and their organizations: “In Germany, bans on Palestinian organizations are being discussed and it is not unlikely that the repressive paragraph 129 [Translator’s note: of the German criminal law] (foreign criminal or terrorist organization) will be resorted to. All this is part of a wave of repression and struggle against the anti-imperialist movement by the German State. It is important to note that this repression in Germany is part of a context of increasing repression against Palestinian organizations across Europe: from the dissolution of the Palestine Vaincra Collective in Toulouse, France, to the persecution of Palestine Action activists in the UK, to the smear campaign in the corridors of the EU in March 2023 against Palestinian and internationalist activists and organizations across Europe.”

Despite this increasing repression in whole Europe, these days there have been mobilizations in many places:

In France there are reports of mobilizations in several cities:

In Paris, the LJR has published photographs of the mobilization, which has been attended with a Cortege for the Unitary Campaign for the Liberation of Georges Abdallah:

In Toulouse there are photographs uploaded by the Collective Palestine will win [Collectif Palestine Vaincra]:

In Spain there has also been the demonstration in Madrid today, conveid by Masar Badil, Al-Yudur, Alkarama, IJAN and Samidoun:

In England, there is a report about a massive demonstration in London, with thousands of demonstrators:

Also in the center of Yankee Imperialism, in Brooklynn, New York, there is a report about a demonstration in support of the Palestinian cause:

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