Actions for the 50th anniversary of İbrahim Kaypakkaya giving his life

More actions have been made by Turkish revolutionaries for the 50th anniversary of communist leader İbrahim Kaypakkaya giving his life in struggle. We have earlier reported on the event in Switzerland.

In Okmeydanı, Istanbul, activists distributed posters with the slogan “Our Liberation is Revolution, Our Flag is İbrahim”. The activists discussed with the residents of the area, answering their questions of who Kaypakkaya was, talking about the recent attacks on those who bear on his picture and legacy and emphasized that the struggle goes forward despite repression. Also the question of the elections was raised by the masses, and the revolutionaries highlighted that the hope is not in the ballot boxes but in the power of the people themselves. Similar actions were made in the areas of Esenyurt and Avcılar of Istanbul.

Posters in Esenyurt and Avcılar. Source: Partizan

The political prisoners’ organization of Partizan has also released a statement honoring Kaypakkaya and highlighting how the progress of history cannot be stopped with repression, and how Kaypakkaya is present in their struggle, which is illuminated with the experiences of the international proletariat from the Paris Commune to the Great October Socialist Revolution to the revolution in China.

Source: Yeni Demokrasi

In Athens, Greece, a commemorative event was held. The event started with a minute of silence and continued then with the speech of the TKP/ML. The speech highlighted how 50 years afterwards, Kaypakkaya, who struggled against revisionism and opportunism, continues to lead their struggle. Kaypakkaya was influenced by the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution and was an eager student of it. The speech went on to point out that a proof of the vividness of the revolutionary line of Kaypakkaya is how the old State still attacks out of fear those who carry on his legacy. The speech reaffirmed that TKP/ML persists on the People’s War and continues to march under the guidance of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, upholding the legacy of its founder Kaypakkaya. In addition to this, commemorative speeches were heard from Greek organizations such as the KKE(ml), Laiki Drasi and Skapro. The event continued with cultural program and greetings, ending with the Internationale.

We have earlier shared the call of the International Communist League for the international symposium held in Vienna, Austria on the 27th to 28th of May.

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